Accuracy is often the most important quality to look for when hiring a video transcription service. If you’re going to pay to outsource your transcription, you deserve an accurate transcription. Whether you’re a media broadcaster who must meet certain FCC accuracy standards, an educator who needs maximum accuracy for accessibility reasons, or just want to avoid embarrassing captioning errors, accuracy is important. When choosing a transcription provider, look for a company that guarantees a transcription accuracy rate of 99% or better. Investigate how the Albania Phone Number List transcription service handles accents, inarticulate speakers, poor audio quality, background noise, and complex vocabulary. Can they still guarantee this level of accuracy despite these challenges. Automatic Speech Recognition is software that converts an audio file into text. ASR is often fast, cheap, but very inaccurate. YouTube Auto Captions only uses automatic speech recognition to create captions for YouTube.

How Do Transcription Services Measure Their Accuracy Rate

The industry standard for quality captions and transcripts is a 99% accuracy rate. Accuracy measures punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Many captioning competitors claim to achieve an accuracy rate of 99%, but in a study we conducted analyzing the accuracy of 8 different files between two providers, we found the opposite. In fact, the accuracy rate measured between two captioning providers is between 84.7% and 94.4% . In every file we submitted, there were numerous spelling mistakes and inconsistencies. When we Albania Phone Number  asked a vendor how they measured their accuracy rate, they replied, “We don’t use an exact measurement to determine the. So why were there so many inconsistencies. Well, the process has a direct impact on the accuracy of the file. The two contestants cut a single file into smaller segments which are then distributed among a group of transcribers. Then they put the file back together.

Speaker Identification and Verbatim Vs Clean Read Consistency

Does your video captioning company offer options for speaker identification? If not, what is the default? If you need something different, will the transcription service follow the instructions correctly. Do they allow you to choose between verbatim and clean reading practices for transcription? Most people prefer a “clean” transcription, where the transcriber removes words like as well as stutters and unnecessary filler words that alter the meaning of the sentence. Text transcriptions capture every utterance that comes out of the speaker’s mouth, including and stutters. They are generally much more frustrating to read and follow than properly read transcripts. However, for scripted television, where the stutters are intentional, verbatim transcription is preferred. Make sure the transcription service can provide you with the style of transcription you want. Finally, it is important to assess a vendor’s ability to maintain accuracy and consistency across many files.

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