This is why you absolutely must think upstream about your partnership offer (we will come back to this), at the risk of being rejected by the influencer. On this point, the Reech study also evokes the various reasons which explain the refusal of a partnership by an influencer. Among these, we note the lack of interest in the campaign and the brand, the Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List incompatibility with their values and the remuneration! Before contacting an influencer … If you’ve read this far, you might have wondered why I’ve spent so much time telling you about influencers, their motivations, the types of partnerships they’re looking for, and even their reasons for turning down one. . You might have guessed it. In order to reach out to an influencer and get a favorable response from them, you need to know that person and understand what they really want. Yes, influencers are humans.

That this kind of message filled with empathy is very appreciated. When I started out, I made a lot of contacts with influencers and experts simply by letting them know that I mentioned them in my content. Influencers and experts always feel flattered to be mentioned in an article, video or podcast. So, don’t hesitate to let them know. I sent this message almost 3 years ago to Olivier Lambert and I still reap the benefits today (I will explain why in the rest of this article). With every article I write, I send this type of message to the founders of the brands I mention. Sometimes they have time to answer me. Sometimes no. But, that’s okay and I don’t take it personally. I know I at least (very) slightly gained their attention. I just want them to think of me when they think of Facebook and Instagram ads .

Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List
Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List

The campaign and the brand

It’s not just a copy and paste of an email I read elsewhere. However, I followed the formula I described to you to the letter. The subject of the email is meaningful. I propose a partnership between my brand and the influencer. Any influencer will be curious enough to open this email and at least find out what’s in it. The first lines of the email introduce my company (it’s not visible in this email, but obviously you should spell out what you’re doing in a few words). I then make a personal connection by talking about how much I enjoy his work. I could also have quoted a post or anything else that I liked about the influencer. The second part of the email is dedicated to introducing my partnership proposal and what the influencer will gain from it (Remember, an influencer is not necessarily looking for financial compensation …

This is what I did when I suggested to Alexis Chevallier (whom I did not know) to participate in my last article on marketing strategies . The simple fact that Alexis Chevallier and I had knowledge in common immediately increased my chances of obtaining a favorable response from him! After all, how could I have known that Alexis Minchella knows Alexis Chevallier very well? 3) ask for advice The next 3 methods that I will present to you are rather indirect , that is to say that you will not seek directly to establish any partnership with the influencer, but rather to establish a relationship of trust with this person. After all, we tend to associate with people we know and love. Personally, I spend a lot of time building contacts and relationships with other influencers and digital marketing experts.

The first lines of the email introduce

The influencer won’t like it and will sense right away that you didn’t even bother to look for the answer yourself. Instead, ask pointed questions that the influencer will want to answer or bounce off an article or a post he has published with a relevant question. Take the example of Lucie with whom I recently collaborated for the organization of an online conference. Look at the kinds of questions she was asking me long before she proposed her partnership to me. This question is clear and relevant to what I have already written. I answered it in 2 minutes and I remembered it when she contacted me again. A few months later, Lucie offered to organize a webinar with her to talk about Facebook advertising.

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