On average, businesses spend 2,819.87 per month on seo services ahrefs. And they will also spend money on other marketing initiatives, so the cost can quickly add up. This means agencies and marketers need to create detailed reports. That show the value of what their seo teams are doing. And, if you feel like your customers don’t see the value. In what you do, you don’t need another model. Templates tell you what to include in your report, but they don’t tell you. How to make your report effective, which is equally important because. That’s how customers see the value in what you do. For example, when you create traffic reports, you get different. Numbers based on the age of your blog posts, your brand, and. The number of links your content has attracted, among other factors.

Assume Things Are Going Well These Types of Blog Posts Have

Potential because they are always relevant and your target audience is always interested in the topic. In addition to making relevant and meaningful recommendations, being thorough also allows you to show your client that your efforts are paying off. If the client has a huge library of content and most blog posts have a high bounce and exit rate, take it a step Czech Republic Phone Number further and recommend a change in SEO strategy – spend half of your effort on update of the old content and the other half to the new content. Say, for example, when creating your first report, you realize that you’ve lost a significant amount of the organic traffic they received. Older blog posts are likely to get more traffic, and if your numbers are good, you can.

For Example When You Create Traffic Report Different Numbers

A logical conclusion would be a loss of search visibility, but you won’t stop there because you need to make relevant recommendations to fix this problem. Now, without an overview of what they’ve done in the past to earn that traffic, you won’t know for sure what led to the loss of organic traffic. So you might come to the wrong conclusion about the problem and make recommendations that won’t help the situation. Loss of search visibility can occur for several reasons such as:That’s why you need to include customer onboarding processes to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what the customer is doing or has done to put you in a better position to know what’s going on.

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