When the project exceeds its creator from all points of view The most important word for success in life and business Writing Facebook ads get inspired by . What to post on Facebook in 2019? Facebook Ads The Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Business You can do the same, but don’t overdo it. Always keep your promises and exceed expectations in your emails, otherwise your subscribers will quickly realize that you are just good at getting them to click. In order not to overdo it with curiosity, I like to keep a balance between more direct email subjects based on a clear benefit to the reader and indirect email subjects based on curiosity. Here are some more direct email subjects so you can see the difference.

The Copywriting Guide Selling and Persuading with Words 10 digital marketing tools to manage your online presence Copywriting Academy available until Sunday 11pm! [Copywriting Academy] 4 hours left – Last reminder How to Monaco Email List observe the Facebook ads of your competitors? 3 In emailing, curiosity is your greatest friend It sounds totally illogical, but it’s true. It’s not just kids who are curious. Your readers even adults remain curious people. Thanks to your email subject line, you have captured their attention. You got them to open your email. Well done ! Now the goal is to get a click or make your reader want to open your next email! That’s what you send emails for, right? If we take the example of promoting content, you will have to tease it. The idea is very simple make the reader want to click on the link to consume this content.

Monaco Email List
Monaco Email List

Make your reader want to open your next email

You understand that you cannot reveal everything, otherwise the reader will have no interest in clicking on the link in your email. To tease your content, you can Use bulleted lists If you are inexperienced, I recommend that you write a few bulleted lists to tease what your reader will discover or learn in your article. Take a look at how I go about this article on copywriting. In this example, I used different copywriting formulas Compare the opposites The difference between a boring message and a powerful message The specific language 5 copywriting techniques to sell on the web guaranteed The indirect benefit The 2 most famous copywriting formulas for writing persuasive catchphrases I could have revealed these 2 formulas, but what is the point of saying so in my email? My goal is to sell the click!

Teaser naturally in the body of the text If you are more experienced, you can tease your content naturally, like in this example. If you read these few lines, you can see that I teased every sentence 3 brands that . There is a lot to learn from copywriting their ads . and how to apply them Of course, you don’t have to tease as much as I do. If that doesn’t suit you or your brand, then don’t. One last thing. If you regularly send emails or if you do marketing automation , I advise you to build a logical sequence between each email. The idea behind this strategy is to tease the next email, much like the directors of the shows you watch on Netflix. You can do this in 2 ways Talk openly about your next email.

That you cannot reveal everything

When I can make a direct link between the content of my email and the content of my next email, I will directly teaser my next email towards the end of my email. Here is an example A tip highlight in bold only what you want to teaser Use a PS Most of us scroll directly to the end of the email because we know the added value is at the end of the email… or the clickable link. This is why the PS of an email is often seen and read! As you can see, the PS for this email is short and indirect. I’m talking about an amazing truth about buying likes on Facebook, without giving it away. And I know my readers wrongly think buying fans with Facebook advertising is a good idea.

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