I know that I will stay on Active Campaign for years and years because it is a highly reliable and reputable solution. When choosing your autoresponder, try not to look too much at the price , but rather at the features that will be of use to you. For example, will you need Easily tag your subscribers? Create complex automation scenarios that will vary depending on the behavior of your users? Remarketing by email? Good news, all email marketing tools will present their best features in detail depending on your type of business e-commerce, services, blogging, etc. Most of these tools will also offer you free trials. I also advise you to try several platforms to test these features and see if they live up to their promises. Take one of the automation features of my current autoresponder, Active Campaign.

In 3 clicks, I can create a powerful scenario that allows me to automatically remove from one or more lists a contact who has purchased one of my training. I can also take it out of an automated email sequence. This same Malawi Email List automation takes this contact and moves it to a new list, a customer list. This way, when someone buys one of my trainings, they won’t receive my next emails trying to sell them the training they already bought! I think we can do that on MailChimp, but you know what? Not many people watch long videos and yet Facebook would love to see it. Users interact the most with short videos, and more specifically videos that are between 3 and 4 minutes long according to the results of this study. What explains this?

Malawi Email List
Malawi Email List

Segment your subscribers very precisely?

Facebook is a discovery platform, not a search platform like YouTube . When we scroll through our news feed, we seek to discover content that is quick to consume. For this reason, a short video that goes straight to the point will tend to generate more interaction than a long video. 4 The most common reactions on Facebook The reactions on Facebook tell us a lot about what people like most about content. In a way, they allow us to find out why we react differently to certain publications. This time, I’m not talking about the format or the length, but the very essence of the content. You might have guessed it, the most frequent reactions on Facebook are HAHA and LOVE. Understand that Facebook users interact with content that they find inspiring, funny or a mixture of 2.

Brands must therefore take this into account by publishing more funny or inspiring posts. Buffer and Buzzsumo went further in their analysis by also categorizing the 500 most popular posts in terms of engagement in 2018. Finally, they noticed that it is essentially positive content that inspires, educates or makes people laugh that is most successful on Facebook. Your content strategy on Facebook must therefore adapt accordingly. If that fits with your editorial line, try posting a mix of useful or practical, funny and inspiring content. Of course, depending on your audience and your products services, you are probably going to post more of one of these 3 categories of content. For example, the Topito Voyage Facebook Page mainly publishes funny content because the people who follow this Page want to be entertained above all else.

Easily tag your subscribers?

Jay Shetty , one of the most well-known content creators on Facebook, posts over 10 posts per day! Almost all of his posts are for the sole purpose of inspiring you to become a better version of yourself. Mari Smith , a Facebook marketer, is more likely to post useful and practical content because her audience seeks to be educated or kept up to date on best practices for success on Facebook. It’s true that I just showed you examples of popular Facebook Pages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get such results too. As Buffer explains, this type of content is achievable by all brands. All you need is a clear understanding of what people are looking for on social media and more specifically your target audience and how you can deliver the content they are looking for on a regular basis.

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