Raise your hand if this has happened to you before! did you really put your hand up?? It’s happened to all of us before, I think. As an advertiser, it’s even more annoying for me because I know it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to exclude buyers from retargeting audiences. In other words, you can easily exclude from an audience anyone who has bought from you within a defined period 30 days for example. On Facebook, all you need to do is create an audience of people who bought 180 days ago. Then exclude that audience from your retargeting audience and voila! This way, as soon as the person purchases your product, they are automatically excluded from your retargeting audience for 30 days, even if they return to your site afterwards.

And it would also be crazy to offer discounts to all the people who visited your website without taking their actions into account. At a minimum, you should offer a promo code To convert abandoned cart into Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List customers you were almost there . Retain your customers Some brands offer free delivery or a 10% or 20% promo code for new customers. Here is also a very well done advertisement for the Sézane brand which specifically targets those who have added a product to the basket, but have not bought a sequential retargeting strategy in due form! Moreover, there is no promo code on this one. Watch this ad now . The offer is much more desirable. The promotion is clear! TOMS offers you 15% to complete your order.


You Can Easily Exclude From An Audience

This is one of the biggest myths around Facebook advertising… and I took the time to explain why to a new customer again last week. I thought about other common myths about Facebook advertising and for that, I thought about the conversations I had with potential customers. As you would imagine, when chatting with people, you quickly realize that they’ve heard a lot of things that aren’t necessarily true about Facebook advertising and that keep them from moving forward literally!. It didn’t take long for me to denote 2 then 3, then 5! The list continues to grow and I finally came up with 7 common Facebook advertising myths, most of which are totally wrong or unfounded.

Facebook shows, for example, that brand recognition increases with repetition until it reaches a plateau. In cases where you are retargeting with the goal of returning visitors to your website, repeat ads are rarely a good thing. It negatively influences the general sentiment towards your advertising as shown in this study by Inskin Media . The results of this survey are very interesting. They show that repeating ads can quickly become annoying and intrusive, even annoying, for those affected, especially when the ad has been viewed more than 10 times. Of course, these are the results of a study and you also have to rely on your own statistics and the general context.

Create An Audience Of People Who Bought

They just need to be reminded! It is therefore more interesting to treat these people differently by creating several retargeting audiences and taking into account the time variable. Personally, I like to retarget people who have added products to the cart in the last 14 days . If after 14 days, they still haven’t bought after being exposed to my ads, it’s because they’re not interested On the other hand, I often re-target all the people who have added at least one product to the basket in the last 90 days, but not the last 14 days, to encourage them to come back with a video advertisement that presents new products .

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