The number of items on your form Then you can experiment with other more subtle things like Customer benefits Social proof The background image if you are using one Etc. Very powerful tools like Leadpages or Unbounce allow you to A B test your landing pages very easily. The best tools for creating landing pages Here we are ! I know you now want to create a landing page, but you might not know where to start and which tool s to use . If you use a premium WordPress theme like the one I use, Divi , it is possible to make your landing pages yourself. It’s a bit more tedious than using a turnkey tool, but it’s much less expensive. This is the solution I use for my own landing pages, and I’ve never had a problem!

You can also choose a page template without the menu and the footer to really get a hard landing page. On the other hand, the possibilities for doing A B tests are fewer. You will need to use an external tool Optimizely or Google’s free solution, Google Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Optimize . If you are short on time, there are paid tools to easily create landing pages with basic templates already designed for you . Usually there are templates for any type of product or service. Among these tools, I can only recommend these 3 tools that I have already used. LeadPages LeadPages is one of the market leaders in software for creating landing pages. It is one of the tools most used by bloggers and webentrepreneurs because it allows you to create pages with a rendering that is both visually appealing and professional.

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The feature that really attracts me to this software is without a doubt the hundreds of predefined landing page templates that are optimized for conversions for any type of objective or business. It really makes the difference if you are not an expert in creating landing pages yes, it is a real job in itself!. I almost forgot… The first plan starts at only $ 25 per month annual payment, which is very affordable for such quality software. Unbounce Unbounce is a competitor of LeadPages. Quite clearly, Unbounce has a higher price range than LeadPages. The first plan starts at $ 79 per month . Of course, this price difference translates into the fact that you can customize your landing page as you see fit and other additional features that I can’t tell you about. In the end, you are absolutely not limited to a predefined template .

This is the case for LeadPages too, but it must be said that Unbounce’s page editor is very intuitive and comprehensive. Thrive Landing Pages Thrive Landing Pages is less well-known and less powerful than Leadpages or Unbounce. The main advantage of this tool is its price . It costs just $ 67 for a lifetime license and access to hundreds of modifiable models. Please note, this tool is only compatible with WordPress sites . It allows you to create beautiful landing pages, but the interface to build the page is not very intuitive, I find. In summary, if I had to recommend a tool to you and if I could go back for my landing pages, I would definitely go through LeadPages which offers the best value for money in my opinion.

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How to get traffic to your landing page? Once your landing page is created, you will have to bring traffic to it. You have two choices Pay for traffic. Send traffic through your website and social networks. Don’t expect to receive organic traffic on your landing pages . When it comes to buying traffic, my advice is to advertise Facebook . I already talk about it a lot on my blog, you can check out all the articles here or read my free guide on Facebook advertising to learn how to create profitable advertising campaigns PS you will also discover my landing page for this guide by clicking on the link !. If you decide to go through your website to bring traffic to your landing pages, I advise you to add inserts on the sidebar with a button that redirects to your landing page.

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