You quickly understand the interest of this feature for keyword research which is essential when you want to position content in search engines for a specific keyword. It is also this tool that I use to analyze all the long-tail keywords linked to a generic keyword such as Facebook advertising, digital marketing, content marketing, etc. Today, Ubersuggest has a lot more features that I won’t show you all in this article it would take way too long. For example, it allows you to find content ideas from a single keyword. If I type Instagram stories, Ubersuggest will suggest articles that contain this keyword in their title. In this example, I see that the article How to use Featured Stories on Instagram could perfectly fit into my editorial line.

I write it down But that’s really not all . For only a few months now, Ubersuggest has made it possible to analyze in detail the domain of any competitor. If we take mine, you can see from the screenshot below The number of organic keywords that bring me traffic Monthly organic traffic this is an estimate that is rarely accurate The score of my domain from 1 to 100 The total number of backlinks inbound links to USA Phone Number List my site On this screenshot, you also saw that we could see the evolution of my traffic, the SEO ranking of my best pages and all the keywords that bring me traffic. All this for free of course. If you click on the Main pages tab, you will get a fairly detailed view of the pages that bring me the most traffic with an estimate of the number of monthly visits.


How to use Featured Stories on Instagram

The main queries keywords of that page and even the sites who linked to the page in question! Alternatives SEMrush , SpyFu , Ahrefs all chargeable, but much more complete. 3 Active Campaign Do you dream of sending emails to thousands of people with just a few clicks or automatically sending an email according to a specific action on your site? Active Campaign is the ideal tool to make your dream come true.If we compare it to one of the best-known solutions on the market, MailChimp , it’s true that Active Campaign will make many marketers hesitate. MailChimp has the advantage of offering a prettier interface, easier to use and which costs less! MailChimp also offers free use for up to 2000 contacts.

Conversely, Active Campaign is much less attractive, much more complex and more expensive! So why am I suggesting this tool to you? Because I worked with these 2 autoresponders ! MailChimp is easier to use, it’s true, but it’s much less efficient than Active Campaign. MailChimp is cheaper, it is true, but it contains much less functionality. Automation options are light years away from those of Active Campaign. With Active Campaign, you can send ad hoc marketing campaigns to people who have subscribed to an email list, or a very specific segment of this list, as easily as with Mailchimp. For example, if you send an email to promote a service on Facebook Advertising, you might choose to send it only to people who have expressed an interest in Facebook Advertising based on The links they clicked on in your emails.

Why am I suggesting this tool to you?

The resources they uploaded to your site The pages they have seen on your site You can also plan a series of emails sent automatically and according to a scenario defined in advance. This scenario can range from simple to complex. Not being an expert, I always limit myself to the basic scenario of a sequence of automatic emails, sending emails one after the other. I sometimes add conditions, but it is rather rare. Email marketing professionals send very specific emails depending on the links you clicked on, the emails you opened or not opened, the tags assigned to you in the autoresponder, etc. Planning for this type of automatic sequence has clearly been an asset to my business over the past few months.

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