Set a Budget for Your Facebook Advertising Campaign After determining your target audience, you will then need to set a budget for your campaign. In other words, how much are you going to spend? Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy for you to set a budget for your campaign. You just need to choose a budget over a day daily budget or a budget over the duration of the campaign global budget. I like to choose the daily budget as my campaign runs all year round! By setting a budget of € 10 per day, I can be sure that Facebook will spend this amount every day. Some days my ad spend will be slightly higher, but other days it will be a little less. It all depends on the conversion opportunities from one day to the next.

However, my budget will never go above 70 € over the past week as Facebook tells me. As you can see here, I have set a budget of € 10 per day for my campaign. And it is not a hazard. To find the people who are most likely to convert, Facebook’s algorithm needs enough data to Niger Email List learn and deliver your ads to the right audience. Facebook recommends setting a budget so you get 50 conversion events per week , which means that if it costs you € 1 to sign up for your Newsletter, you should in theory set a budget of € 50 per week per audience, which is approximately € 7 per day. Of course, this is just theory.

Niger Email List
Niger Email List

Facebook Campaign To Build Quickly Our Email List

From experience, I like to set a budget that is at least 5 times the average conversion price for a lead generation campaign as is the case here. This is why a budget of 5 € day will rarely be sufficient for your campaign to be effective. At a minimum, I advise you to set a budget of 10 € day per audience and let the campaign run for at least a week. You will quickly see if your campaign allows you to obtain new subscribers to your newsletter at a reasonable cost rarely above 2 €. If so, you can gradually increase your budget or integrate new audiences into your campaign If not, then your campaign definitely has one of these 5 common issues that keep it from performing well .

Your Ad Placement We continue to move forward in configuring your Facebook campaign to build quickly our email list and at a lower cost. The next step is to select the locations where your ads will appear. You may know this, but when you advertise on Facebook, you have the freedom to show your ads on Facebook Instagram Messenger Audience Network quite similar to the display of Google Ads. By default, the automatic placements option is selected. In other words, you let Facebook itself choose the least expensive investments for you depending on the competition, the time of year, your target, etc. You may just not want your ads to appear in Stories, Instagram, or the Audience Network despite Facebook’s good recommendations.

The Conversion Opportunities From One Day

So, you are free to click on Modify investments and select your investments. You should see this insert appear. These are all the places where your ads are likely to appear. If you are just starting out, I recommend that you select Facebook, Instagram, and the Messenger app instead. You can obviously remove Instagram if you think your audience isn’t there. After all, on Instagram, 59% of users are between 18 and 29 years old . To finish on the investments, know that you can know at a glance which are the investments that bring you the most results. So don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind, start wide with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. You will then adjust Step 6 Choose the format of your Facebook ad Not all Facebook ads are the same.

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