So, a priori, there is nothing original in itself . Not quite. Unlike the other interviews, Alexis’s are more like conversations . Having been interviewed several times, I know a little about the procedure of an interview. The interviewee receives the questions before the interview in order to be able to prepare his answers. The problem is, the interview sometimes seems a little too prepared. Alexis’s interviews are different since we do not receive the questions in advance! It’s a real conversation and you can feel it listen to mine when you have a little time 🙂. Finally, I couldn’t do without citing Marketing Mania’s YouTube channel . This is perhaps the most original YouTube marketing channel in France. Each of the videos presents an in-depth analysis of a specific character, film or subject.

Recently, one of the videos posted by Stan Leloup Squeezie vs Tibo Inshape YouTubers are not your friends was a hit with almost a million views. Stan Leloup deciphered from A to Z the conflict between Squeezie and Tibo Inshape on the Liberia Email List monetization of his audience. Finally, who is right? I let you watch this very good video. Lesson 5 There is nothing wrong with making some of your content paid for Content creators aren’t going to tell me otherwise! It’s really hard to make some of its content paid for. The information is however free on the Internet. So why do some content creators charge for their knowledge? It’s a good question and everyone will make up their own mind.

Liberia Email List
Liberia Email List

The episodes of this podcast are basically interviews

The truth is that in the digital age, a new concept has emerged the possibility of learning from a computer and an Internet connection, at a distance and without going to a prestigious school. Yes, it is real. On Udemy , there are already thousands of paid courses to learn all kinds of things. Universities also set up certification training programs. These training courses generally cost several thousand euros this is the case in Belgium. In short, we only learn at school. From then on, consultants, coaches or experts took the opportunity to create their own training programs. After all, they are experts in their field and they have already won the trust of part of their market. Unfortunately, some people in their community will see this as a betrayal and it’s going to have to be moved on.

There are still 2 weeks, I had an abnormally high number of unsubscribes to my Newsletter following the announcement of a new online training . I even received personalized messages in addition to unsubscribing not the same values! . It’s true, I am a nasty salesperson who only thinks of getting rich at the expense of others! Ramit Sethi , one of the pioneers in selling digital products, explains the criticism he received when he sold his first ebook worth $ 10. In the end, Ramit became a real expert at selling digital products without looking like a dream seller. Having sold my first online training courses, I know that the transition between free and paid content is not easy for a content creator and his community. It will always take time for the most skeptical to understand you.

These training courses genera lly cost several

In my opinion, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of exaggerated promotion, crazy promises, false deadlines . Lesson 6 You can’t please everyone Let me tell you something If your content isn’t garnering negative feedback, it’s not original enough. I told you about producing one-of-a-kind content. When you create unique content in which you will give your opinion, opinions and judgments, you will notice that some will line up behind your opinion good news and others will not be able to help but tell you that you are wrong or that you are wrong. ‘they don’t think like you. Check out this post. It reached 72,000 people and 87 people commented on it. 90% of the comments were positive like that’s great!, Thanks for the info, X, look at this post, you will be interested!.

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