On the one hand, the reach of a Facebook Page does not increase as fast as its number of fans. In other words, going from 5,000 to 10,000 fans is not going to double the organic reach of your posts. You are already starting to understand why buying fans is not a good investment. But that’s not all ! For several years, Facebook has modified its algorithm to prioritize the publications of your friends, family or even communities Facebook Groups in which you are active. Look at the drop in the general organic reach of Facebook Pages in recent years… Finally, the more a Facebook Page has a large number of fans, the more difficult it is to reach them without paying. Despite all of these reasons, Facebook continues to encourage Facebook Pages administrators to promote their Page.

Your Facebook Page fans and your customers are your greatest ambassadors. They will be the first to comment on your posts, create conversations and share your posts around them. Do not neglect them … Your New Reality Boosting your Facebook posts can actually increase the reach of your next posts IF you follow the 3 steps I have outlined for you. To learn how to effectively boost a Guatemala Phone Numbers List Facebook post, read this article How to Boost a Facebook Post . Myth 3 Buying Fans With Facebook Advertising Is A Good Investment This is one of the biggest myths about Facebook advertising to which Facebook has greatly contributed by making us believe that you always have to attract more fans to your Facebook page to be visible on your social network. Unfortunately, this is no longer true today .


Retarget People Who Have Added Products

When you boost your posts, I strongly advise you to retarget all the people who already know you, which I rank you in order of importance Fans of your Facebook Page Clients Newsletter subscribers People who visited your site in the last 30 days.The fans of your Facebook Page are your greatest ambassadors. If you had to choose only one of these 4 audiences, target your fans first! If they chose to like your Facebook Page , it’s not for nothing! Plus, it might be the easiest targeting you can do. If you go through the boost publication feature, all you have to do is click on the People who like your Facebook Page button when targeting your audience . If you go through the Facebook Ads Manager, choose the People Who Like Your Page option in the Connections targeting.

Boost those who received an above-average interaction rate. You will notice that sponsoring these posts will increase engagement and their organic reach thanks to shares. 2 Posts you boost don’t get negative feedback You can find out by analyzing the negative comments on each post. In Facebook Ads Manager , quality metrics like engagement rate metric let you know if a post is generating lower, higher, or average engagement from ads that target the same audience. If you are below average, avoid investing your money to distribute these posts because they hurt the overall engagement of your Facebook Page. 3 You target an audience that will respond favorably to your sponsored posts.

The Weather A Classic Example Of Sequential Retargeting

You get the idea Let’s be honest, does a business like Facebook with ad revenue of over $ 50 billion really need to do this? Of course not ! It would even be risky for advertisers who trust Facebook to promote their businesses. So what is the truth? The truth is, boosting your posts can hurt the organic reach of your next posts IF you get negative feedback in return . or if no one is interacting with your sponsored posts while you are paying for!. In most cases, boosting a post can only do good for the organic reach of your next posts if 1 You boost posts that received decent organic reach and above-average engagement rate Go to the Publications report of your Facebook Page statistics and classify the publications according to their interaction rate.

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