In this case, it is the CPC that Facebook will seek to minimize. You can also optimize your ads for impressions. Facebook will simply serve your ads as many times as possible to people in your audience. Logically, your CPM will be minimized by Facebook. In general, avoid choosing the print delivery option. How to make your choice in the distribution of your advertisements? It all depends on your goal. In general, it is recommended that you leave the default option based on your campaign objective. For a website traffic campaign, you want people to visit your website, so leave the click on a link option as the default. To generate leads or sell , Facebook recommends the conversions option, which works best for generating leads and making sales. To do this type of campaign, you need to install the Facebook pixel .

I know that this part seemed difficult to understand because of the technical terms used optimization, conversions, impressions, delivery, etc. I’ll give you a little more explanation in the Facebook advertising guide. You can also read the Honduras WhatsApp Number List AdEspresso article on Facebook advertising costs. It is very well explained. 6 seasonality AdEspresso explains in its study on the costs of Facebook ads that there are periods of high activity during the year when ad costs increase. During these periods, there is more competition more advertisers, which therefore increases the bids and therefore the cost per result. Obviously these good times are festivals or events like Black Friday The end of year celebrations Sales Or the Superbowl in the USA If you plan to advertise during these times, expect to pay significantly more to run your ads due to the stiff competition driving up delivery costs.

Nobody Really Knows And That’s The Problem

You can see it on this graph. Facebook advertising costs increase sharply from the 4th quarter of the year and peak in December. Even the day of the week slightly influences the cost of Facebook advertising. We notice that the CPC is always lower on Sunday. 7 Creative content Creative ad content images, videos, thumbnails plays an even more important role than placement and optimization in serving your ads. Think back to the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad. What do you think caught your attention? What made you stop at this ad and click on it? Most likely the image or video that started automatically. Creative content is the bulk of the ad. It plays a key role in getting the attention of a lost user in their news feed.

You have a crystal ball, you will never be able to know in advance which image video is going to perform best I’m not just talking about attracting attention, but also generating interest . AdEspresso even found in testing as always that the ad image had the potential to cut the cost per download of their ebook in half. It wasn’t so obvious which image was going to work the best. On the one hand we have a beautiful young lady and on the other hand we have an image that shows the little guy AdEspresso with the ebook in hand. In the end, the second image worked the best, but could you have known that in advance? I doubt it, which is why you should always test your creative content.

How Does The Facebook Auction System Work?

Even if you prefer one creation over another, your audience might think otherwise. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy enough for you to A B testing your creative content. To do this, create an advertisement, duplicate it several times and change the image each time do not change anything else, you risk distorting your tests. I recommend that you test at least 3 variations and then test other variations of the winning image. For example, for ready-to-wear, you could test A photo of the product on a white background A lifestyle photo of the product A photo of a person using the product Then experiment with other variations of the winning image. There are many other features of your creative content that can cause your costs to vary such as your video thumbnail or even the format of your advertisement image video slideshow or square.

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