How to write a social media post comment text? Sounds like the easiest question on the one hand, and the problem we face every day on the other? Even in traditional marketing, advertising was the main means of communication with consumers and customers. Only through advertising could we increase our sales and build customer relationships. But as the social media environment has gained  Canada Phone Number List momentum, information has flowed endlessly, giving users more options. On the one hand, it is useful for us marketers. On the other hand, it can be said that there are more competitors. The social media environment allows us to do successful marketing alongside large organizations such as retailers or start-up businesses.

What to Look for in an Overall Strategy

The most popular social media channel in Mongolia is Facebook, followed by YouTube and Instagram. Not only has social media provided an opportunity for a lot of people to advertise. At a very low cost, we Canada Phone Number have also become self-distributors in the social media environment. So our focus has been on bringing our advertising closer to people. Who rely on relationships. Tools such as handouts, picture posters, and billboards are used in traditional. Marketing has changed the nature of the post, content, and format. Although each channel is unique. The issue of text for posters and videos to be posted on social media has changed slightly from that used in traditional marketing.

Understand Your Purpose Marketing Is a Purposeful

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We need to write text that is shorter, clearer, and more relevant to search engines. The structure of advertising used in traditional marketing can be broadly classified as follows:Photos or videos Title Text It consists of four main parts: the logo and the address of the organization. The same goes for content posted on social media for marketing purposes. It consists of 4 parts. We choose the Canada Phone Number List photos and videos to use depending on the purpose and the specifics of receiving the user information. But there are times when photos and videos alone can’t say anything. That’s why text issues come up. The issue of the text of any promotional material is most relevant to the question of who and what.

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