If you can clearly articulate the benefits of your solution i.e. your offer, you will gain the attention of your target customer, as long as those benefits are important to them. You have to see your solution product solution as a BIG benefit that improves the lives of your customers and that solution itself encompasses several sub-benefits . These small benefits, you have to highlight them, as Uber did on this page . How do you go about it in practice? Start by making a list of all the functionalities or characteristics of your solution. This job should only take you a few minutes because you know your product service inside out. Not true ? Then, next to each feature, list the underlying profit. The idea is that by writing down each of the benefits of your product service.

For this type of campaign, I analyze the click-through rate for each ad and each audience. The higher the click through rate, the less I pay for a result. On average, I would expect to have a click- through rate of at least over 1% . Finally, I end by looking at the Palestinian Territories Email List difference between the number of link clicks and the number of landing page views. If the difference is too large more than 30%, my page is loading too slowly. This little analysis shows you that you should ALWAYS test different audiences and different ads, without neglecting your landing page which should load quickly. Thanks to the analysis of the results, you can quickly identify the audiences advertisements that offer more or less subscriptions to your Newsletter and thus build your email list more quickly.I have already spoken a few times about copywriting on this blog.

Palestinian Territories Email List
Palestinian Territories Email List

Yur product service inside out. Not true ?

It is a very powerful persuasion technique because just reading or hearing our problems puts us on high alert. Who doesn’t want to solve their problems? For this, you must know the problems of your target customer before you want to describe them. The better you can describe this problem precisely, the more the reader will feel that you understand it. This is very important to gain his confidence from the first moments and make him want to read more. Here is an example of the formula for a vacation rental comparator Finding the perfect hotel for your vacation is harder than it looks. The Internet is supposed to have made it easier for us, but in the end it’s just the opposite.

Desire to create desire by playing on her emotions and what she needs. A for Action by giving her your solution that pushes her to take action. The AIDA formula is also used everywhere on Facebook, on landing pages, in emails, in television advertisements, etc. Let’s take a look at some examples. Home page of your website So Shape is a French startup that markets powdered meals. This young startup knows very well how to capture your attention, arouse your interest, make your mouth water to buy one of their meals the minute you go to the home page of their site. The image and the title help to attract attention. We then use the subtitle to generate interest and create desire. We end with a call to action button to push to action logical, I know.

Do you advertise on social networks ?

Cool, but realize we are exposed to hundreds of commercials everyday, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? Answer by being a better copywriter than the others! I suggest you apply these 5 strategies that I have observed hundreds of times over the past 3 years while learning marketing. 1 Sell the profits Your job on the Internet is to sell. At any time. Even if you offer an ebook for free download, your goal is still to sell it since you ask for the email address of your prospects in exchange. You have to be persuasive. As I told you, we are exposed to hundreds of commercials every day. Why would someone be convinced by your words rather than someone else’s? The answer profits . Consumers are looking for solutions to their problems more than ever.

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