They call for a variety of creative content and are most often used for product discovery in a full screen experience. This is the case for the collection format only reserved for advertisers who use the Facebook catalog. Nothing prevents you from using an Instant Experience for lead generation, but it is much rarer. In summary, I recommend that you test the single image and single video formats. They are the easiest to set up and the most used to collect email addresses. Take a look, for example, at the advertisements I use to promote my guides. First there is this one I also have a video ad. And an advertisement where I appear on an image with an orange background the accent color of my site.

If you decide to use the video format , consider using the square format which takes up more space on a mobile and increases your chances of lowering your cost per conversion. To write your ad, I can only recommend that you read this article or this one which features some great examples of lead generation ads. Step 7 Analyze the Results of Your  Mayotte Email Lists Facebook Advertising Campaign Unlike traditional advertising TV or print, it is quite easy to measure and get an accurate view of the results of your campaigns. Indeed, Facebook gives you access to many performance indicators such as Coverage number of people affected Impressions number of times your ad appeared Results Cost per outcome Repetition number of times your ads are seen on average Click rate CPM cost per thousand impressions CPC cost per click […] The list is endless!.

Mayotte Email Lists
Mayotte Email Lists

The single image and single video formats

For example, here are the results of my conversion campaign to promote my guides and thus build my daily email list. As you can see here, I have 2 different audiences. For each audience, I see the number of results 52 downloads for the first and 24 downloads for the other. We can also observe the cost per result. For the first hearing, the cost per result is lower. It is 0.83 € against 1.29 € for the other. Obviously, our objective is to obtain the lowest cost per result and it is therefore on the audience that allows us to obtain the lowest cost per result that we will spend our budget or let Facebook do it.

work for us Small note it is thanks to the Facebook pixel and the installation of conversion tracking that Facebook is able to give me these figures, as explained in the 2nd step of configuring our campaign!. Finally, we can see the budget spent, the number of people reached and the number of impressions for each audience. We could go even further by focusing on one of the audiences and analyzing the results by advertisement if I test several. Do you remember my 3 advertisements? In this screenshot, you can see that the video ad has given us a lower cost per download than the picture ads. We can also notice that the quality scores are very good for the image above the average and slightly less good for the video interaction and conversion rate in the average. These metrics tell me what to do to improve my current ads.

Facebook gives you access to many performance

For this type of campaign, I analyze the click-through rate for each ad and each audience. The higher the click through rate, the less I pay for a result. On average, I would expect to have a click- through rate of at least over 1% . Finally, I end by looking at the difference between the number of link clicks and the number of landing page views. If the difference is too large more than 30%, my page is loading too slowly. This little analysis shows you that you should ALWAYS test different audiences and different ads, without neglecting your landing page which should load quickly. Thanks to the analysis of the results, you can quickly identify the audiences advertisements that offer more or less subscriptions to your Newsletter and thus build your email list more quickly.I have already spoken a few times about copywriting on this blog.

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