When you bring up search engine optimization at a business networking event, you’re likely to get very different reactions depending on who you’re talking to. While there are many seasoned professionals who rightly hail SEO services Mexico Phone Number as a savior to their business, there are many who decry the practice of digital marketing, calling it a scam or a fad. This second group likely fell victim to a black hat SEO company, offering discounted services and taking a number of shortcuts that, at some point, could have been beneficial. Google now monitors content for Black Hat SEO and punishes violators accordingly. There are a lot of red flags to watch out for when dealing with an SEO company. The first and biggest warning light comes from the pre-bundled SEO packages.

Black Hat Seo

Black Hat SEO is a series of deceptive practices in which an SEO company attempts to subvert Google’s algorithm and trick the system into ranking you higher in search engines than you actually deserve. Don’t worry, the point of black hat SEO isn’t to improve your website, it’s to trick Google into thinking your site is something it isn’t. The really sad thing about Black Hat SEO is that this unique, ethically dubious approach to optimization actually worked. But over time, Google has become wise to practice. As the system evolved, it began to understand the issues it faced and took steps to plug the holes in its metaphorical vessel.

Seo Packages

Even to this day, black hat techniques work for a little while. Eventually, however, Google’s system flags the site and the penalties begin. For starters, the Google ranking score of the site in question is immediately penalized. If the violations are serious enough, Google might even exclude the site from its search network altogether. So why are people turning to black hat SEO despite these serious issues? Most companies that use black hat techniques do not claim to scam the Google system. But there are a few different warning signs to watch out for.

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