So you have to be clear from the start. These are all new skills that allow me to better sell my ideas, my support and better manage my business meetings (and my customer relationship). Note from Danilo: If you don’t want to start a podcast , why not look to be invited to other podcasts? Alexis Minchella helps his clients to rethink their acquisition funnel, thanks to the content. He is also the creator of the Tribu Indé Podcast, to deconstruct the myths around freelancing and content creation. Also find Alexis on LinkedIn . Alexis minchella Creator of the Tribu Indé I Content Marketer B2B Freelance podcast 5) Bruno Guyot “It took me 3/4 years to figure out that I needed a really different focus from most of the other content that comes out by the thousand every day. ”

What worked best for me last year revolves around 2 main axes: 1) Strategic networking With the years and the most accurate measurement possible of my working time vs my invoicing, I was able to list my best clients and define a Greece Email List robot portrait (a persona) of my ideal client. Thanks to this composite portrait, I was able to create my list of the 100 ideal clients (regulars of business books will undoubtedly recognize the reference to Chet Holmes). I know who my typical key interlocutor is in these companies (his position depends on the size of the structure). So I did my scouting on Linkedin and I send out invitations to eat to get to know each other. Without trying to sell anything, I position myself by explaining my activity and the somewhat unique way I work (all in performance).

Greece Email List
Greece Email List

Why not look to be invited to other podcasts?

I then maintain contact on a regular basis, but not too insistent. Often, this leads to collaboration in the months that follow. And even if it wasn’t, that’s okay. I am building a high quality local network. This is invaluable in many ways. 2) Content with very high added value I’ve been blogging since 2014. Yet my content did not really start to break through until 2017-2018. It took me 3/4 years to figure out that I needed a really different focus than most of the other content that comes out by the thousand every day. I was one of the first French speakers to make ultra comprehensive guides on GTM (differentiation by subject of content). I was one of the first French speakers to study Google Ads (differentiation in the form of content).

All this allowed me to be noticed. Then, in early 2019 I created my YouTube channel to relay my conferences and the training I give for Google. Today, at least 7 out of 10 prospects I have on the phone spontaneously tell me that they saw my videos and that it prompted them to call me. And it’s a very virtuous circle since the more I post videos the more I have proposals to talk in conf. The more I talk in conf ‘, the more videos I have to post. The more videos I post, the more leads I have. Note from Danilo: Strongly agree with the 100 ideal clients strategy. It’s a simple concept, but terribly effective for starting any prospecting (or content) strategy aimed at attracting those 100 ideal customers (in B2C, the approach is different).

This is invaluable in many ways

Bruno Guyot , internet sales specialist with a transversal approach: market analysis, creation of copywritten landing pages, tracking analytics and advertising campaigns (mostly on Google) .He has a background of 8 years in ecommerce, 2 years as a creator of websites, 2 years as a digital marketing manager in an agency and 3 years as a freelance (still in progress). Also find Bruno on LinkedIn . Bruno Guyot Digital Marketing Freelancer | Performance-based Google Ads 6) Christopher Piton “I see too many new entrepreneurs and freelancers scattering across all platforms looking for clients instead of being super focused on one or two platforms. I chose LinkedIn and YouTube (content referenced on Google). ” Almost 100% of my clients come from LinkedIn and YouTube. I say “come”, because I do not sell directly on these platforms.

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