This was the case for Catherine Daar who ended up winning her case after several weeks of discussion with Facebook. I invite you to watch this video in which she explains how she managed to get her advertising account reactivated, when Facebook announced that the decision to deactivate her account was final. Of course, this is all very mentally demanding. You have a business and you want to promote it through Facebook advertising solutions. Unfortunately, you can no longer do this because your ad account is blocked. It’s very frustrating, especially if you have nothing to complain about. So, I thought of giving you a back-up plan to continue advertising being careful to respect Facebook’s rules , even if your advertising account remains blocked despite your incessant appeals.

Your back-up plan in case your advertising account is deactivated or remains blocked 2 things to keep in mind before I tell you about my back-up plan Make sure to practice the following right away after reading this article because it won’t work on the day your ad account gets blocked and trust me, it doesn’t happen to others Agree to use the Business Manager The solution I am telling you about is very easy to Lebanon Phone Number List understand, it consists in creating a second advertising account which will only be used as a backup account if your main advertising account is deactivated. It can be a really big deal to have your ad account disabled if you’re in the middle of a launch I did or planning a big marketing campaign for your business.


That My Ad Account Has Been Deactivated?

With this backup advertising account, you will be able to continue advertising on Facebook, always being careful to follow Facebook advertising rules. So how do you set up this emergency ad account? To be able to have a second Facebook advertising account, you must first create a Business Manager account on Facebook. The Business Manager is a tool that Facebook offers to manage a company’s advertising accounts, Facebook Pages and people in one place. It is very interesting to have one if you are several in your company and it is even essential if you are a consultant or an agency. Follow this complete guide written by Hubspot to configure your Business Manager account and fully understand the challenges of this tool before creating your account I don’t want to be held responsible for your headaches.

Once your Business Manager account has been created, go to the home page and click on Company settings. Go to the Advertising accounts tab on your left and then click on the blue Add button. We now come to the step of creating your backup advertising account. To my knowledge, each Business Manager account is allowed to have up to 5 advertising accounts. I have had a Business Manager account for 1 year and a half and I have never had to make a specific request to be able to create several advertising accounts. If there is a problem, you can always contact Advertiser Help Support through this link . Let’s go back to creating your backup advertising account . Now click on Create an advertising account. All you have to do is configure your new advertising account .

The Keywords Facebook Or Instagram

Give it a name, define a time zone and a currency be careful not to make mistakes, you will not be able to make any changes later. Then Now define for whom this advertising account will be used . Click on Create. You now have a backup advertising account. All you have to do is add a payment method to it. I advise you to define a different means of payment than that of your main advertising account, you never know . The specialists who read me will surely tell me that I did not think of the Facebook pixel. Read my full guide to the Facebook pixel if you don’t know what it is. The Facebook pixel is linked to a single advertising account, but that’s when you are NOT using the Business Manager.

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