The visuals make your pages more human and help your visitors to visualize the results benefits they will obtain by offering your solution. This is exactly what Airbnb does when you click the become a host button on their home page. Airbnb helps you imagine yourself as a host. Let’s also analyze the title Supplement your income with your accommodation . In 7 words exactly, Airbnb perfectly communicates the advantage of going through them to rent your accommodation. And that’s not all, the rest of the page has more images like these to help you visualize the experience of being an Airbnb host . It is a real experience that Airbnb offers you and it is perfectly reflected on this landing page.

So we come back to the basis of the definition of the landing page, its goal is to accomplish a single action , not two. If you really want people to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media, offer that on your thank you page instead. Tip 3 repeat your call to action I also see many landing pages where the call to action only appears at the top of the page. Put yourself in the shoes of a Belgium WhatsApp Number List visitor. They may scroll down the page to read the entire content. So feel free to put your call-to-action buttons in the body of the text and at the end. A visitor will not necessarily have the reflex to go back up the page to find your call to action button! Tip 4 Use visuals Your landing pages should contain several images or videos.

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It contains all the elements of a good landing page A strong value proposition title and subtitle A call-to-action button that contrasts with the dark background of the page All this above the waterline! Tip 2 Make a single request If there is one error that we often find on landing pages, it is this too many requests. For example, it is not uncommon to find yourself on a landing page where we are offered an offer AND also to subscribe to a newsletter, like the Facebook page and follow the Twitter account. In the end, the visitor no longer knows what to do and therefore… does nothing and leaves the page.

There is no limit to the improvements that can be made to a landing page . Tip 1 Remove navigation The purpose of your landing page is only to encourage visitors to fill out a form. You already know all of this. When they’re on your landing page, you want to make sure they stay there! To reduce the likelihood of them leaving your page, my advice is to eliminate any distractions . One is the navigation bar menu. So remove all outgoing links and the navigation bar to make sure your visitors don’t leave the page, as Instapage did very well . There is no navigation or outgoing links on this page you are seeing.

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All the strategies used by the best French and American webentrepreneurs to build their email list quickly! DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE 8 tips to for sure increase your landing page conversions I think you now have a good understanding of what a landing is and what it is for. But, let me ask you a question. Say 100 people visit your landing page every day. Of these 100 visitors, 20 people end up leaving their contact information with you. Would you be satisfied with this result? You could be, but wouldn’t you prefer having 25 or 30 instead? Chances are you answered yes to that last question. This is exactly why I created this part. I want to show you how you can increase your conversion rates by 5%, 10% or even 20% on your landing pages.

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