I also found that rather daring! I also liked this second advertisement which highlights a shark, this time. You notice that this example is totally different from the ones I showed you . This is because Promo has a creative personality. All of their advertisements have a unique angle of approach . Here, the first line of the teaser is about turning your business into a great killer shark, the one seen in the video. On the other hand, what common to all Promo ads is the value proposition Create your own marketing videos in minutes The benefits of the software for the customer remain the same from one advertisement to another Effortless achievement Incredible results Ready in minutes In summary, it should be understood that Promo stands out from its competitors by its personality.

It is their strong personality that made me think of their brand for this article, and not their competitors Animoto , Lumen5, etc.! Tip 4 Press down on pain points The last piece of advice I take away from the analysis of Promo’s ads is their ability to identify and tap into the pain points of their audience . We have seen it. In the ads I have shown you, Promo has often pointed out that Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List creating videos for business is difficult and expensive. For other campaigns, I see that they also start their ads with the pain points. For a webinar, I notice they start advertising with this question, Are you having difficulty meeting your marketing goals? The people concerned marketers and ambitious entrepreneurs will probably answer YES. This is how Promo attracts attention, by pressing on their pain points. The reverse is also true.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List

Your Business Into A Great Killer Shark

Marketers often draw our attention, this time playing on our desires and aspirations. It’s not just fear that sells 3 Write advertisements like Enso Rings So far, I have shown you B2B business 2 business examples for companies that sell their services King Kong or software Promo. How about e-commerce and consumer products? For the last example, I suggest you analyze the advertisements of Enso Rings , a company that sells all kinds of rings… in silicone! Enso Rings sells rings for men and women, wedding and engagement rings, and other bracelets. The prices are quite affordable, barely $ 50 for the more expensive products. While the products aren’t very expensive and their margins are likely low, that doesn’t stop Enso Rings from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising.

No wonder they spend so much, Enso Rings ads are very well done and sure to pay off. Tip 1 Sell the profits Watching their ads, I immediately noticed some similarities between them, including their appearance on ABC in the Shark Tank show a reality TV show in which entrepreneurs present their ideas and projects to a group of investors. . This detail seems trivial, but the show is very well known in the USA. Immediately, this gives a nice guarantee of credibility to the brand. That’s not what I wanted to talk to you about… I also wanted to tell you that Enso Rings almost always showcases the customer benefits of their silicone rings. The big benefit that emerges from this ad and all the others is undoubtedly the feeling of comfort and softness caused by the silicone ring.

That Sell Their Services King Kong Or Software

Ultimately, that’s what interests their customers, and not durability or lightness. Durability, lightness, the new soft-touch material are characteristics of the ring. The features describe the ring itself, but they don’t say anything about what they actually bring to the customer. Fortunately, Enso Rings has thought of its customers by specifying that this new soft-touch material and this lightness provide a feeling of comfort and softness customer benefit . It’s a great lesson in copywriting . Profits sell your products, while features describe them. Tip 2 Reinsurance above all else I am sure you have had that lump in your stomach before before you buy online. Are you making the right decision? Will this product which tempts you please? Are you not making a mistake? These days, it is increasingly rare to have this fear.

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