In the United States, Black Friday has been spoiling American consumers for half a century every year. However, this does not mean that Americans are content to talk about Black Friday a day before as if nothing had happened! The secret to making an event like Black Friday a success, like a product launch , is to raise the temperature a few days or weeks before .  It’s simple ! Using the marketing channels you know so well: Email marketing Instagram and Instagram Stories Your Facebook Page Your website The Facebook advertising Push notifications Look, last year, Adidas offered me to create an account on their site to prepare my list of gifts before Black Friday.

You can do the same thing by sending an email to your newsletter subscribers a few days before Black Friday … In this example, Kajabi catches my eye with a headline that doesn’t even mention the word Black Friday, but rather “our BIGGEST promotion in 3 years is coming…”. Clearly, this email subject makes me want to click. You then notice that they talk about Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the Uganda Email Lists first few lines to make me want to read more. They even made a quick video to explain their Black Friday deals to me. ( Note : read my guide to email marketing to learn how to write emails like this). If you are active on Facebook and Instagram , consider using 2 platforms to raise the temperature a few days before D-Day.

Uganda Email Lists
Uganda Email Lists

Facebook advertising Push notifications

Source: Shopify Blenders first had a contest to create the buzz and then simply recalled that the biggest Black Friday discounts are coming in 2 days. You can do the same in Instagram Stories a few days before the event. Source: With the decline in organic reach on Facebook (and Instagram), I recommend that you promote your Facebook / Instagram posts to reach as many people as possible among the people who follow you. The home page of your website (normally one of the most visited pages) must of course tease the dates of YOUR Black Friday at least a few days before! Finally, feel free to experiment with less used marketing channels like push notifications . With tools like Subscribers or One Signal , you can create a notification like this in 2 clicks and send it to your subscribers on desktop or mobile at the right time.

All this meticulous promotion work must lead the user to a special landing page for Black Friday. Just yesterday I came across a YouTube ad from Elegant Themes. Look where I landed . This page is very self-explanatory. She gets right to the point. There’s a big, bold headline telling me that Black Friday is coming, a countdown to ramp up the wait, and 3 buttons for me to make a decision now: Take part in the giveaway game Take note of the date in my diary Be notified by email This is a great strategy for capturing emails before Black Friday. Since we are talking about emails … Access exclusive marketing strategies Join the Newsletter and access more than 10 guides, checklists and strategies on digital marketing that are not present on this blog.

How do we do that?

Votre prénom Votre email I accept the privacy policy JOIN 20,000+ SUBSCRIBERS One-click unsubscribe. 4) Prepare your ads and emails in advance Now, let’s talk about advertising and email marketing. . Advertising and emailing are obviously the two channels you will use the most to promote your Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday offers. Let’s start with advertising. The Facebook Ads and Instagram help you push your marketing message to people who know you or do not know you. Who do you think during Black Friday will you target? People who know you or don’t know you? I know you already know the answer! During Black Friday, you aren’t going to get bored showing ads to strangers (unless you have a big budget or a strong brand).

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