Don’t do that! Pointing out a user’s attributes goes against Facebook’s advertising rules . You run the risk of being refused your advertising or even blocking your advertising account . On the advertisement that I showed you, I also liked that The offer is mentioned directly in the first lines of the ad it’s a report that shows 11 strategies to make my Facebook ads perform better The advertising is obviously aimed at Australians who are tired of seeing advertisements from the US!. In the ad, King Kong cleverly gives statistics on the number of active Facebook users in Australia. The report is free and King Kong features it several times in the catchphrase and title of this commercial. The word Free is very selling.

Mention it as soon as you can. Tip 2 Tell a story Why does storytelling work so well? Because stories make us want to know more. Because stories touch us emotionally. Take this ad. The hook is nothing more than a story, that of a guy who started a South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List business 4 years ago with $ 50 in his pocket and an old computer. Can you identify with this gentleman? Probably ! Most entrepreneurs can relate to this story because they have lived it too. They will naturally want to know what happened after Sabri found his first clients by making cold calls . In this example, I have just shown you the beginning of the story.

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List

Why Does Storytelling Work So Well?

The beginning of the story sets the context the quest of the entrepreneur. The rest of the story shows the transformation how this young Australian entrepreneur went from being a broke solopreneur to becoming the CEO of Australia’s 1 digital agency. You probably don’t care. You are interested in yourself first. That’s why our marketer slowly started to include the reader in the story by telling how his clients too benefited from his expertise, the marketing techniques that work and don’t work, etc. Slowly but surely, Sabri Suby invites you to join him in a free Masterclass in which he teaches you his secrets.

In the service business, it’s common for the person who represents the company to tell their story. This is because he wants to gain your sympathy, your trust and help you get to know him better. We identify with people more easily than with brands. After all, we do business with the people or companies we know, like, and trust! Tip 3 Let your customers speak for you Unfortunately, some people won’t trust you right away, especially if you’re selling them something. So, why not bring in your happy customers and let them themselves talk about the results they have achieved using your services? This is what the King Kong agency does. All over their website and advertisements, you can see video testimonials from their customers. And these video testimonials are very well done.

We Identify With People More Easily

The videos look very professional and they are inspiring. They highlight the founder of the company and start by setting the context. Usually, the founder begins by describing his problem. In the video, Ged the client says We weren’t on the Internet. I’ve been seeing their ads on Facebook and YouTube for weeks! Of course, you can guess some of these objections on your own and using common sense, but most of the time you will need to question the main stakeholder your customer.

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