The article explains that the brand has slowly migrated from films to TV series and web series. He also explains that the brand prefers to contact the creative team directly for films in which TV stars play a role, rather than contacting celebrities directly it’s too expensive. Another article, that of Quartz , shows that Apple was one of the big winners of the 2018 World Cup in Russia . AirPods and Beats headphones increased in popularity during the event. The article explains that brands cannot place products at a FIFA World Cup. However, AirPods are one of the few products where the Apple brand logo is not visible. And yet… Most football players would get off the plane with their AirPods or Beats headphones on.

Beats headphones and AirPods are instantly recognizable, without even seeing the logo. Beats headphones have a special style that can be seen even without seeing the logo while AirPods are white and wireless. So it was hard not to Netherlands Phone Number List notice those little white headphones in the players’ ears. Again, Apple could not place its products during the FIFA World Cup. Its earphones and headphones are so remarkable that the product itself has become a promotional tool. Takeaway You probably don’t have the budget to invest in product placement, but there’s nothing stopping you from partnering with other bloggers, influencers, or businesses to bring your product service into popular culture. Conclusion Whether you like it or not, Apple is a company that got it all right about marketing.


The budget to invest in product placement

The perpetual increase in its annual turnover proves it. Look around you at the number of people who own an iPhone or a MacBook to convince you Over time, I’ve learned that one of the best ways to be successful is to learn from already successful entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands. Stories are memorable, they communicate emotions and above all they help sell your products better. In his book All Marketers Are Liars , Seth Godin explains why he thinks Marketing is no longer just about the things we do, it’s about the stories we tell. I spent over an hour analyzing Apple’s website and this is what stood out to me Apple doesn’t just sell you the product itself, but what you can do with it through micro-stories.

Each sales page iPhone, Mac, iPad defends and expresses Apple’s vision, but also, and most importantly, how its products can actually improve our lives. To show it and really be convincing, Apple’s copywriters create universes and put the consumer at the center of their universes.Speak the language of your customers Apple knows its customers very well. Apple customers are people who are hip, connected and hungry for new things. The last point is important. Apple customers want to have new technologies to use them for their lives. Be careful, Apple customers are far from being computer scientists. In fact, they are not familiar with technical computer jargon. Remember the Apple advertisement, Get a Mac, that I showed you above? Look again at these 2 Gentlemen. The man on the right in the image is Apple’s buyer persona .

They communicate emotions and above

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