In Facebook, you can reach your customers by importing your customer file to create a personalized audience. All you need to do is import your customer file into Facebook and its tool will match your data (email addresses and phone numbers) to its users. Expect to find 40 to 60% of the people in your customer file on Facebook . How about taking a few examples of loyalty advertising to conclude this article? Airbnb can find people who have booked accommodation in the past on Facebook. The Target Style brand offers you sunscreen after having sold you a suitcase (cross-sell)! Arthur does special operations to pamper his clients. Arthur’s customers can take advantage of this exclusive offer before anyone else, which makes it all the more formidable.

In the Business Manager, you will only find the resources of your company such as your advertising accounts, your Facebook Pages (if you have several), your product catalogs and the people who work in your company / agency. In short, it’s the Turkey Email List Facebook of companies. Now that you have a better idea of ​​what Business Manager is, we can move on to creating and configuring your Business Manager. Then I’ll show you how to use it. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending.

Turkey Email List
Turkey Email List

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The ball is in your camp Add an advertising account to your Business Manager The procedure for adding an advertising account to a Business Manager is quite similar to that for adding a Facebook Page, but with a few nuances. First, what is an advertising account? An advertising account allows you to advertise Facebook (i.e. pay Facebook to serve your ad to a target audience ). To pay Facebook and receive invoices, you must have an advertising account. This is why you will never be able to advertise with your Facebook Page. Moreover, an advertising account is absolutely NOT linked to a Facebook Page. It can only be linked to a personal profile or a Business Manager. As there is a good chance that it is already linked to your Facebook profile (I was too), I will show you how to link it to your Business Manager (your new professional account).

To finish adding my first employee, I click on “Invite” and Facebook tells me that the invitation has been sent. You can do this work for each employee, paying attention to the access you grant. Each employee will receive an email of this type to join your Business Manager and register. And There you go ! We did the hard part! Your Business Manager is well configured. You have added resources and assigned them to your collaborators. What do we do now? From there, I see 2 possibilities : You are a merchant or a service provider for individuals You are a service provider for companies (consultant or agency) Depending on your situation, your use of Business Manager will be slightly different … Let’s explore the 2 use cases.

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Contact your partner and tell them to go to (or create an account by reading this article). The person should see a URL in their browser that looks like this. Ask your partner for the number after “business_id”. As soon as your partner has communicated this number to you, you will only have to copy and paste the ID of your partner’s account in this window. Then click on “Next” and assign the roles you want to your partner. In this example, I gave the agency an advertiser role on my Facebook Page and my advertising account. Then click on “Save changes” and you should see all your partners appear in the “Partners” tab of your Business Manager. In order for your partner to be able to use your resources, he must first approve your request by going to the SON Business Manager requests.

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