In addition, Facebook Lives generate 10 times more comments than pre-recorded videos. It’s important to take engagement into account when we know that today, it’s the posts that generate long and thoughtful comments that will get the most organic visibility on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had also warned us in January 2018 by announcing the update of Facebook’s algorithm. Creating a Live show is therefore a real solution to take the engagement of your Page to a whole new level. It’s also an opportunity to tell the story of your business, show your behind the scenes and develop a genuine bond with your fans (most important to me). As you can imagine, it is not that easy to make a successful live video on Facebook I can tell you it’s more intimidating than shooting a video at home and editing to correct mistakes.

Unfortunately, you cannot modify a Live in progress or even when it is finished. This is the attraction of Facebook Lives: authenticity. For having done both, I can tell you that it is much easier and more natural to make a Live than to record a Maldives Email List video at home (alone). If you are reading this guide, you might never have gone live. Before doing it, I wasn’t sure what to expect either. It’s not hard in itself, but there are some good practices you should know before you get started. In this guide, we’ll first explore how to make Facebook Live via mobile or computer. Then, we will see no less than 15 best practices to get the most out of your Facebook Live! How to make a Facebook Live with your mobile? When Facebook launched live video in April 2016 , it was only possible to go live via a mobile phone or tablet.

Maldives Email List
Maldives Email List

The update of Facebook’s algorithm

The functionality was then extended to the desktop computer. However, I find the format to be more native to mobile. I also think this is the best way to get started with Facebook Live. So here’s exactly how to go about it … Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page If you’re managing your Facebook Page from a profile, go to your Page from the Facebook app and pretend you’re going to write a regular post. Except this time you have to click on the “Live” button. Rest assured, you won’t be live right away. You can also tap on the text “Express yourself” and you should see these different options appear. Just click on “Live Video”. If you manage your Facebook Page from the Business Manager (reserved for companies), in this case, you are required to use the Facebook Pages application to be able to make a Live.

Open it and hit the “Publish” button to get started. This window will then appear and all you have to do is click on “Live video”. Step 2: Authorize access to your camera and microphone Facebook will ask you to access your mic and camera the first time you use the live video feature. Facebook will not ask you again afterwards. Step 3: Write a compelling description After giving the access to Facebook, you should see yourself on the screen. Facebook also offers to write a description. Ideally, your description should describe the event or the next episode of your show (if you choose to create a weekly live show). Here’s an engaging description example for a Facebook Live show: If you are commenting on exceptional news, briefly mention in the description what happened and the added value you will add.

The Facebook app and pretend

If like me, you want to make Lives to chat with your audience, write a short description to explain what you are going to talk about. For example: “[UNRELEASED LIVE FACEBOOK] 7 mistakes not to make in Facebook advertising (and how to avoid them)”. Step 4: Adjust your camera and possibly add filters At the bottom of your screen, you should see these different filters to add special effects to your Live. For example, I can use a mirror effect to my image, horizontally or vertically. I can also adjust the brightness (pretty useful if it’s dark where you’re filming). You can also change your look … That’s about it for this part. Don’t overdo it either, just keep it natural. Step 5: Hit the “Live Stream” button and let’s go! All you have to do is press the big blue button “Live stream” to launch your Facebook Live.

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