Like all successful companies, Apple arouses both admiration and loathing. Dozens of websites are entirely devoted to the brand’s news, without Apple having to do anything! Thanks to a well-established marketing strategy, Apple has been able to unite a huge community and every year arouses impatience among its customers with the release of its new products which are no longer so innovative. Apple has also had its ups and downs, but has always been able to raise its head despite an increasingly competitive market. How does Apple manage to stay on top despite fierce competition from Samsung and Huawei? How does Apple manage to constantly increase the prices of its products and sell more and more? However, they are no longer so innovative .

In the first quarter of 2018, and despite disappointing sales according to some analysts, the iPhone X remained the best-selling smartphone in the world . In fact, Apple has already sold over 1 billion iPhones around the Iceland Phone Number List world . With sales records like this, there will always be people lining up in front of the Apple Store to buy the new iPhone. This frenzy around its products makes Apple one of the richest companies in the world, with a market capitalization exceeding $ 800 billion. Its marketing strategy has something to do with it. there is no doubt. So what can you learn from Apple’s marketing strategy? And most importantly, how can you get inspiration from it to increase the sales of your products services?


Competition from Samsung and Huawei?

In this article, I offer you 7 lessons to learn from Apple marketing and how to apply them in your business  1 Simplify your marketing and products When you think of Apple, what do you think of? Let me guess simplicity! The company is well known for the simplicity of its products, its website, its slogan Think Different and even the dress style of its founder, Steve Jobs! If you take the iPhones, an 8 year old child would be able to use them as they are ergonomic. Apple wants to make the technology easy to use and this vision conditions the design of the product. Apple does not hesitate to force its customers to adopt its vision, in particular with the controversial removal of the headphone jack.

Apple’s advertising campaigns are also simple to understand. One of my favorites is the Get a Mac campaign which features 2 men, one a Mac and the other a PC. This campaign lasted several years and was broadcast in several countries. It always takes place the same way 2 men who always present themselves in the same way Hello, I am a Mac… and I am PC A decor on a white background A discussion between the 2 men Depending on the spot, the advantages of the Mac are highlighted simplicity, easy to install and start up, no viruses and the faults of PCs are highlighted, or even ridiculed viruses, slowness, updates. continual and problematic days, etc..

When you think of Apple, what do you think of?

This campaign is really great because, above all, it’s fun. But that’s not all … The discussions between the 2 men are really easy to understand. For example, to show that PCs are affected by viruses, one of the video spots shows the man the PC sick and with a cold. How about the Apple website? What makes it so easy? The first thing I notice when I visit Apple’s website is the immense amount of white space. There is often very little text and a lot of pictures, the descriptions are short and rarely contain technical jargon. For your landing pages , white space is very important. If there is not enough, you risk straining the user’s eye. And that, Apple understood it well! On the iPad Air sales page , Apple’s goal is to show that everyone can benefit from Apple’s advanced iPad technologies.

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