This makes sense because the consumption of content on Facebook is passive and the attention of users in the news feed is very limited. After all, we all have a tendency to scroll through our news feed mechanically, and it takes a lot for us to stop for more than a minute on a post. On Facebook or Instagram, it’s your media video, image or infographic that says the most, not necessarily the text of the post. Please note The length of your texts depends on your sector of activity and your audience. Personally, I have accustomed my audience to long and detailed texts. My audience reacts very well to this type of post, but we’ll talk about it in a few moments. 3 The optimal length of a Facebook video On YouTube, we know that long videos tend to generate more views . On Facebook, it’s totally the opposite.

I also talked about the 3 Secrets of Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns ! Another article which is only taken from my own experience. This article also worked very well with 429 shares. It is quite possible to Macau Email List write an article based on other sources or studies, and give a unique opinion. This is what I did when I argued about the ideal frequency of posting on Facebook . I cited the best studies, shared their findings, and ended up giving a thoughtful opinion on what is best to do with those findings. Quite the opposite of other bloggers who simply translate the studies they have read . The article received 356 shares! I stop talking about myself now. Make way for other content creators. Earlier, I quoted Alexis Minchella’s Tribu Indé podcast.

Macau Email List
Macau Email List

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

In my opinion, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of exaggerated promotion, crazy promises, false deadlines . Lesson 6 You can’t please everyone Let me tell you something If your content isn’t garnering negative feedback, it’s not original enough. I told you about producing one-of-a-kind content. When you create unique content in which you will give your opinion, opinions and judgments, you will notice that some will line up behind your opinion good news and others will not be able to help but tell you that you are wrong or that you are wrong. ‘they don’t think like you. Check out this post. It reached 72,000 people and 87 people commented on it. 90% of the comments were positive like that’s great!, Thanks for the info, X, look at this post, you will be interested!.

Once shared, this content is no longer as valuable. Few people will have fun consulting them again. It’s quite different from organic traffic to Google or YouTube. The good news is, you can skillfully reuse content that you posted several months ago and repost it. It’s up to you to see if you want to make any changes to this content, update the text or image, etc. In fact, last week, I shared a video on Instagram on Instagram’s algorithm. The video received a lot of views and yet it was definitely a video I created over a year ago! Don’t abuse content recycling. Update content and repost only posts that have been successful or are already receiving organic traffic on Google. No one will ever blame you for reposting content that is not completely new.

Few people will have fun consulting

Two weeks ago, I just discussed the number of times to post on Facebook . The main conclusion is that you should prioritize quality over quantity and focus on the return on investment ROI of each post. In other words, it is better to publish one post of very good quality than 5 posts of average quality. If you can produce at least one video post per week, that’s great! we will talk about examples of videos that you could share on Facebook later on 2 The optimal length of the text of a Facebook post On Facebook, the shorter the text, the more likely it is to generate engagement. The trend is quite striking, with posts that contain less than 50 characters which is roughly a line of text that garner the most engagement.

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