If you choose to optimize your advertisements by conversions , Facebook will show your advertisements in priority to the people most likely to perform a very specific action on your site purchase, add to cart, subscribe to the newsletter, etc. . Facebook will therefore seek to minimize the cost per conversion. For conversion campaigns, note that you will need a larger audience, as a conversion purchase, add to cart, lead, etc. is a rarer event by nature. So Facebook needs more data to find who is converting. If you choose to optimize your ads for link clicks which is equivalent to running a campaign with the goal of traffic, Facebook will serve your ads to the people most likely to click on a link.

It will logically be lower for a campaign with the objective of traffic since Facebook Israel WhatsApp Number List searches for the users most likely to click on your ad. As you can see, conversions and traffic campaigns offer the lowest CPC. Then there are also more advanced settings that you can configure within your ad set, such as optimization for your ad serving. So what is ad serving optimization? Facebook lets you choose how you want your ads to appear. This is one of the more complex aspects of Facebook advertising that I have taken the longest to figure out, so I won’t go into too much detail. Concretely, the way you deliver your ads will affect the people in your target audience who see or don’t see your ads . And so it will directly influence your costs.

We Also See That The Cost Per Click

Depending on the campaigns you run, you will have very different results. We can see in my example that my advertisements were shown more on desktop than on mobile. Facebook quickly realized that this is the placement that earns me the most, so my ads ran more on the desktop than on my mobile. However, most of the time, I see the opposite more broadcasting on mobile than on desktop…. Each scenario is different. 5 The choice of the objective and the optimization of distribution The cost to serve CPM of your ads and cost per click CPC also vary depending on the campaign objective you choose and your ad serving optimizations. If we measure the CPC, we know that it will vary depending on the campaign objective.

For this campaign, I chose automatic placements for a few days. We notice that the 2 investments where there was the most volume are Facebook news feed on desktop The Facebook news feed on mobile We can see quite easily that the computer is the winning investment More conversions 16 than other placements mobile, Instagram, right column Lower cost per result € 0.44 than other investments In this case, the choice is quickly made. I choose to eliminate the placements on Instagram and the right column even if there were only a few impressions to judge I split the mobile and the desktop into 2 different segments, and I allocate a larger budget on the desktop than on the mobile.

The Default Automatic Placement

Maybe Instagram will be a more profitable placement than you think. This is why it is interesting to test all the placements for a first campaign. Facebook’s recommended auto-placements system was created to ensure you get the lowest costs across all platforms. Concretely, Facebook will broadcast your advertisements on all the available placements, and will quickly find which placement is the most profitable and put the major part of your budget on the most profitable placement s. Fortunately, you can analyze in the results table of your advertisements which placement is more or less profitable. Let’s take an example.

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