Buffer is also one of my favorite web tools, maybe even the one that I prefer among all the tools that I am going to present to you, because it is extremely easy to use. Thanks to Buffer, you can schedule your content months in advance, at the time you want. But at what cost ? Buffer no longer exists as a free version strictly speaking (as it did before). You can still try any of the paid plans for 14 days. How did you see it, the paid version starts at $ 15 per month and offers the possibility of managing 8 social accounts (perfect if you are a solopreneur) and to schedule 100 posts per month. If you are an agency, the business plan will obviously be more interesting for you. Now let’s see how Buffer Publish works. For each social network, you can establish a calendar: choose the hours and days for which you want your posts to be published.

As you can see, I don’t have a preference for hours on Twitter. It’s the same calendar every day (I left the default calendar). As soon as I add a post in my ” queue ” (list of posts to publish). It will be posted at the next scheduled time in my calendar. The feature of Buffer Publish that I appreciate the most is without a doubt their Chrome extension . It allows you to add content that you liked on the web to Latvia Email Address your ” tail “. For example, if I enjoy a blog post so much that I share it on my social accounts, I can do it with one click for all my social networks! As you can see, I can add whatever description I want for each social network! It’s that simple and you can choose to add it to your “queue”, schedule it for the next time on your calendar, or share it now.

Latvia Email Address
Latvia Email Address

The possibility of managing 8 social accounts

Agorapulse Agorapulse is the tool I use today to manage all my social networks in one place, as a team. And when I say “manage”, I’m not just talking about publishing and scheduling posts. I am also talking about keeping a watch on brand mentions, responding to comments and private messages, having an overview of my publication calendar (all social networks combined) and analyzing the impact of my publications. Let me give you an overview of this all-in-one tool for SMEs, community managers and agencies. Much like Buffer’s Publish, Agorapulse lets you schedule (or immediately publish) content to multiple social platforms at the same time. A classic. You notice that I can also adapt my post for each social platform.

One of the features that I love about Agorapulse is that I can see in a publication calendar all the posts already published and scheduled on a particular social network or all my social accounts combined! Instagram Stories are also included in the calendar. Here is an overview: This is a very useful feature if you are working in a team. Precisely, Agorapulse allows you to effectively moderate the comments on your publications. And if you get a lot of them, you can assign other people on your team private comments and conversations.

With one click for all my social networks

Even if there are specific tools to monitor brand mentions (I will talk about it in the rest of this article), Agorapulse offers a feature that allows you to track all mentions on your brand or that of your competitors. Ideal for thanking all positive mentions on your brand or putting out a fire in case of negative comments or (un) justified complaints. But at what cost ? The first plan starts at 79 € / month (annual payment). With this plan, you have the right to 10 social accounts and 2 users. It is therefore more than enough if you are the community manager of your own company! If you already have several clients or if you are an agency, the Large and X-Large plans are probably more suited to your situation! 8) Feedly Feedly is a free monitoring tool that I use on a daily basis.

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