That’s why I thought about writing an article on this thorny subject: how to contact an influencer and get a favorable response? In this article, we will first see together the typical profile of influencers and what their motivations are (you will be surprised). Then I’ll talk about potential partnerships you can make with influencers (and what they prefer). Finally, I will present you 5 proven and effective methods to contact any influencer and get a favorable response (in other words, a big YES!). For each method, I shared several concrete examples, including real cases. What is an influencer? Typical profile and motivations Before I start, I would like to be sure that we are on the same page.

An influencer is someone who has a community of loyal and engaged subscribers on the Internet, including social media. By social media, I am of course thinking of the social networks that you know like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, but also blogs and podcasts . social media tools The influencer is not just a “ power user ” who has a Costa Rica Email List lot of followers on social networks. This definition would be far too reductive. The influencer also and above all exerts a more or less strong influence on his community. In other words, he has the “power” to influence the decisions of his “fans” or “followers”, but also the trends. Some of these decisions are related to the purchase of a product or service.

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What exactly is an influencer?

This is why brands and companies particularly appreciate them. To illustrate my point, I like to rely on very serious studies. For the purposes of this article, I chose Reech’s study of influencers and brands in 2020. After interviewing 1,735 influencers, Reech established the # 1 influencer profile. I remember several things from this infographic: Influencers are on average 29 years old and 75% of them are women They have an average of 50,000 followers (size depends on industry) They are the most present on Instagram, Facebook and… their blog! Only 15% exercise this activity full time The last point is interesting. Most influencers don’t practice this activity full time. They can be students, company employees, freelancers or business leaders! Let us take a few examples. In the Tech sphere, Léo Duff is quite popular.

I stumbled across his YouTube videos when I was looking for info on Apple AirPods and I really liked his personality. Leo doesn’t just post views on YouTube, he comments on Tech news and shares strong opinions on Twitter. Does he live only from these videos and the brands he promotes at the start of the video? I do not know ! On Instagram, you can spot influencers quite easily by looking at the number of subscribers and the average engagement on posts. From what I could understand, Chloe Bloom doesn’t make a living promoting other businesses or fashion accessories, but rather offering retreats, wellness and fitness programs. Honestly, I’m not even sure she’s teaming up with other brands to promote them …

They are the most present on Instagram

Yet she is an influencer! In the digital marketing industry, Neil Patel is one of the most recognized experts in the world. Today, Neil Patel is present on many social platforms, but it is especially his blog that has propelled his notoriety online. What does he do with his days? He develops businesses, does business and creates content. This also does not prevent him from collaborating as an expert with companies like Get Response . I have just introduced you to some influencers with varied profiles. They all have a certain level of influence in their community in common, but do they have the same expectations and the same goals? Reech’s study shows us that influencers see their business differently.

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