The tool then allows you to add influencers of your choice to the lists, save your lists in CSV format and import them into your CRM tool. What is the price of all these features? It’s more affordable than I thought! Mention offers a free version and the first plan starts at 25 € / month for 2 alerts, 3000 mentions, 5 social accounts and 1 user. For community managers, the Pro plan at € 83 / month seems to provide the best value for money. 10) Buzzsumo How can you make sure your next content gets a ton of social media shares? Answer: Observe what has worked best on the (social) web. Buzzsumo is like the Google of content shared on social networks.

The principle is simple. You type a keyword (eg: “Facebook advertisement”) in the search bar of the tool and Buzzsumo returns you the most shared articles which contain this keyword . As you can see, you can see the details of the Lithuania Email List shares by social network and you can even filter the results by social network (eg: show the content that has obtained the most engagements on Facebook). In addition, Buzzsumo also tells you WHO shared a blog post on Twitter by clicking on “View Sharers”. These are people you can contact to ask them to share YOUR article. The other attraction of this research is to find any trend.

Lithuania Email List
Lithuania Email List

Content gets a ton of social media shares?

What do all of those Facebook ad posts that have been shared the most have in common? A particular subject? The angle of approach? The type of article (list, guide, how-to)? On Buzzsumo, you can also type in a competitor’s URL and they’ll return you the most shared posts from their blog. Everything I just showed you is just a tiny rundown of Buzzsumo’s functionality. Buzzsumo also allows you to search Facebook for content that has garnered the most interactions! You can search for a keyword or a competing Facebook Page. In this example, I searched for the most engaging Facebook Lives on Facebook advertising. I see that the most successful Facebook Lives are those of Robin Vézina.

The first is about the future of Facebook advertising and the other is about Facebook advertising campaigns with influencers. Here are some ideas for articles or live videos that will undoubtedly work well. All of these features come at a cost, Buzzsumo does not offer completely free plans . The first plan starts at $ 79 / month. This can be a problem if you are just starting out or you are not (yet) ready to invest in digital marketing tools. In that case, use the 7-day free version and do as much research as possible before your free trial ends to find as many ideas as possible. Conclusion Being a full-time community manager is hard work and requires some skills. Since I’m talking about skills, here’s a (last) little anecdote.

You can search for a keyword or a competing

Before launching my business (early 2018), I was looking for job offers in digital marketing, and in particular community management. Scrolling through job vacancies was always a great pleasure for me, especially the “skills sought” section. I saw everything: 5 years of experience Proficiency in 4 languages Proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Premier and Illustrator Google certified, Facebook Blueprint, etc. etc. Proficient in SEO (yes, I really read that) Have 3 hands and eyes behind your head (well that was a joke!) In fact, to be a community manager in a business or agency, you have to be a graphic designer, video editor, language teacher and a social media jedi all at the same time.

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