Which posts a user sees and does not see in the news feed is controlled by the facebook news feed algorithm. In a january 2018 statement from facebook news feed director adam mosseri. Facebook news feed changes to focus more on interpersonal relationships. Facebook said that facebook is more about building meaningful. Relationships between individuals than  an organization. Will be a tool. ”We have previously reported changes to the Facebook News Feed. From the beginning, Facebook was not a means of advertising, but a Denmark Phone Number List channel to communicate with friends. So do you need to promote your organization on Facebook? Have. Of course, Facebook has the largest number of users in Mongolia and is still the most effective platform. Instead , Facebook takes into account the following five factors to determine whether the content published on your organization’s Facebook Page will reach more people.

So Do You Need to Promote Your Organization

Arranged in order of importance answer to the comment. Share the post to any group or messenger response to a shared post. Why is comment the most important indicator? The fact that people leave comments on the Denmark Phone Number information. Also, when a user leaves a comment, his or her friends can see the post and reach more people. Reaction the reaction group, which previously had only one “like” option. Now has many emotional expressions such as love, haha, wow, sad, and angry. It also decides whether to show the post to more people. But these options are hierarchical. For example, the LOVE in this section is the best, while the ANGRY reaction is not the best.

Why Is Comment the Most Important Indicator the Fact

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Facebook has never had such a setting before. Here is another proof that we really focus on interpersonal communication. Share opportunities and changes In the past, the content being shared  Denmark Phone Number List was good and reached a lot of people. But now it has changed a little. Facebook’s post-sharing section has the option to share via instant messaging or to any page or group. Of these, the most popular are the ones that are shared via instant messaging. In other words, people say to each other, “This is very useful information. Be sure to read this. ”If someone is sharing your post, fine and good. But the situation with the shared post is different.

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