Choosing to target a large or small audience depends on many factors that I will not be able to cover in this article. To put it simply, I recommend that you use automated targeting in Facebook ( similar audiences ) to reach people who don’t know you, but might be interested in your business OR do retargeting with personalized audiences (audiences who are you clean). Step 5: Select Appropriate Investments To simplify the explanations, I advise you to choose the option “modify the placements”, uncheck all the placements and keep only the placement “Stories Instagram”. If you want, you can also check Facebook Stories and Messenger as placements, but you will see that Facebook will show very little of your ads on these placements. This is what I observed after launching Stories campaigns on behalf of different companies.

Facebook video views are generally lower value stocks, especially when they are short. If you run video views campaigns on Facebook, you know that it doesn’t take a genius to get costs per video view under $ 0.02! And if you post videos to San Marino Email List Facebook or Instagram, you know a lot of people see your videos, but only for a few seconds. However, you can retarget all of these people with Custom Audiences. You have the option of targeting users based on whether they saw at least 3 seconds of your video or almost all of it (95%). Personally, I avoid selecting options for video views less than 15 seconds (Thruplay). Certainly, by selecting the option “People who have seen at least 3 seconds of your video”, you will have a rather large retargeting audience, but also poorly qualified.

San Marino Email List
San Marino Email List

The placements and keep only the placement

I doubt that barely half of them advertise on Instagram Stories on a regular basis (so demand remains limited). Instagram Stories, meanwhile, are booming. In January 2019, Facebook announced that there were already over 500 million active Instagram Stories users (so the supply is huge and growing). Businesses on Instagram also seem to like Stories. 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram Stories were created by an Instagram business profile and 50% of businesses on Instagram have themselves published at least one Instagram Story in a given month. In other words, Instagram Stories are very successful, but there are still few advertisers using them (so you had better do). This can be understood. Ads in Instagram Stories are a different ‘beast’. They require creating creative content that is very different from what we are used to creating.

I would like to remind you first of all of the formats available for advertising in Instagram Stories: Single image (image appears for 5 seconds) The unique video The carousel (up to 3 images or videos) Facebook offers a very comprehensive guide that breaks down the technical requirements of each ad format . To make your life easier, I preferred to summarize in this article the most important information for ads in Stories. Single image Single Image is the most classic format of Instagram Stories ads. It is a single image that is displayed for 5 seconds. The technical recommendations for ad images in Instagram Stories are as follows: Picture formats: 9:16 to 16: 9 and 4: 5 Maximum duration: 5 seconds Maximum file size: 30 MB Recommended resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels Minimum width: 500 pixels Compatible file types.

The most viewed Instagram Stories

Set a budget Also select the option “Campaign budget optimization” and enter a daily budget. More often than not, Facebook charges you for printing. This means that the more you put in a large budget, the more you have the possibility of reaching a large number of people in your audience. I recommend that you start with smaller budgets, between 10 and 20 € per day. If you already have experience, set a budget that will allow you to achieve the business objectives that you have quantified beforehand. Step 4: Define an audience This is the funniest part! You have complete freedom to target an audience (group of people) who will be exposed to your ads. You can target a large audience (over 500,000 people) or a targeted audience (less than 500,000 people).

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