Conclusion Thanks for reading this far! In concluding this article, I also wanted to share one final point of view I have regarding content creation. Used well, content allows you to be seen as an expert by those who follow you. This does not mean that you should lose your humility. It’s not easy to keep a cool head when you receive comments or emails every day. I see so many successful content creators who forget their humble beginnings. Whatever happens, I try to keep in mind that there are always things that I don’t know, but that others do. Also, I know that I will always have things to learn and that pushes me to train again and again. By having this mindset, I continually manage to find new ideas for content to share on my blog and social networks.Facebook marketing has changed a lot in recent years.

What worked 2 years ago may not work today. This is something very frustrating, especially if you don’t spend your time educating yourself on Facebook marketing best practices . You might have even taken down Facebook in recent months, due to the lack of engagement on your posts. It is also not uncommon to see Facebook Pages with 10,000 subscribers, but which collect only a Liechtenstein Email List few likes on the publications. Such a number of subscribers on Instagram or LinkedIn guarantees you good visibility and posts that can quickly go viral if you have built your subscriber base naturally. On Facebook, studies have shown that the primary ranking factor for Facebook’s algorithm is engagement . Engagement in the form of meaningful comments understand long and thoughtful or sharing on Messenger is particularly appreciated by Facebook’s algorithm.

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You might have even taken down Facebook

Indeed, if your Facebook posts collect this type of interaction, they will be more favored by the Facebook algorithm, which will increase their organic reach yes it still exists. And remember that a high organic reach also means that you will have to pay less money to reach your target audience on Facebook you have to pay to play on Facebook. So, how do you write your posts so that they generate more engagement? This is what you will find out in this article. I’ll share with you the best types of Facebook posts first based on a very comprehensive study. Next, we’ll see examples of successful Facebook posts so you can know what to post on Facebook in 2019. What’s working on Facebook in 2019? So what’s working on Facebook in 2019? To find out, I based myself on a study by Buzzsumo .

Buffer and BuzzSumo together analyzed over 777 million Facebook posts to determine exactly what influences interactions on Facebook, including type of post, time of post, essence of post, and more. The results are quite interesting. I suggest that you come back to the major conclusions. 1 The best types of Facebook posts Unsurprisingly, video dominates on Facebook and this trend is not about to end. Posts with a video receive an average of 59% more interactions than other types of posts . We also notice that questions and posts with an image give interesting results when compared to posts that contain a link to a website and those that offer discount coupons. Videos offer the best results on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you should post them every day, especially if you’re a VSE or SME.

That they generate more engagement?

Two weeks ago, I just discussed the number of times to post on Facebook . The main conclusion is that you should prioritize quality over quantity and focus on the return on investment ROI of each post. In other words, it is better to publish one post of very good quality than 5 posts of average quality. If you can produce at least one video post per week, that’s great! we will talk about examples of videos that you could share on Facebook later on 2 The optimal length of the text of a Facebook post On Facebook, the shorter the text, the more likely it is to generate engagement. The trend is quite striking, with posts that contain less than 50 characters which is roughly a line of text that garner the most engagement.

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