For example, I don’t promote the use of LinkedIn hacks and tips, but I recommend that my clients focus on LinkedIn marketing fundamentals. An example of a post that talks about my vision of LinkedIn To conclude, you can take inspiration from my LinkedIn triptych: Have expertise on a specific need Create emotional tension in your content Stand out from your competitors thanks to your uniqueness These fundamentals are essential if you want to become a benchmark in your market. Note from Danilo: A nugget this testimony! That’s why I directly thought of Christopher for this article. It stands out. Simply. And he has a perfect command of “Social Selling” as he has so well defined: the art of selling without selling (oneself). Christopher Piton is a LinkedIn trainer and coach.

He supports BtoB entrepreneurs and freelancers to develop their business and build their brand image on LinkedIn through consulting and coaching missions. He helps them deploy their marketing and editorial strategy while giving them the keys to Haiti Email List writing in a persuasive and impactful way. Also find Christopher on LinkedIn . Christopher Piton LinkedIn trainer and coach 7) Anna Kochegura “ After analyzing more than 50,000 questions asked to three voice assistants, we understood that occupying a zero position is one of the ranking factors in voice search. ” The world is living in the era of voice search. 2020 is the year of voice search, with more and more users performing voice searches, and integrating voice assistants into their lifestyles.

Haiti Email List
Haiti Email List

Your content Stand out from your competitors

Already in 2019, 80% of voice results on Google Home were from the top 3 organic results and 70% of responses from voice searches occupied SERP functionality, of which 60% were Featured Snippets . This trend is going to be even more powerful in 2020. After analyzing more than 50,000 questions asked to three voice assistants, we understood that occupying a zero position is one of the ranking factors in voice search. It is therefore very important to create optimized content for Featured Snippets . These are mainly paragraphs and lists, here are some interesting figures that we have come up with: you have to create short paragraphs of 40 to 60 words, or about 320 characters and also create lists with 5-6 items which contain only 20 -25 words.

In the screenshot below, we can see the result that emerges in Featured Snippet after performing a voice search “ how to become a vegetarian ”. We can see that the Elle Magazine article does not even rank in the top 10 for this query, but enters the Featured Snippet with well-optimized lists. So, to boost your visibility as much as possible: Pay special attention to creating easy-to-read content Provide short answers to the most common questions Absolutely optimize your site for Featured Snippets I advise you to try the SEMrush tool: Position Tracking , which will help you gain this precious zero position as quickly as possible. At the same time, do not forget the loading speed of your pages and good netlinking, which remain very important factors! Passionate about inbound marketing, events and emotional branding.

This trend is going to be even more powerful

Anna leads SEMrush’s marketing strategy in France with her dream team ! Also find Anna on LinkedIn . Anna kochegura Senior Marketing and Communications Expert SEMrush 8) Pierre Guilbaud “The objective with this newsletter was to bring value to the ecosystem, prove my expertise and increase my visibility to develop my activity as a consultant in Growth Marketing. ” I have chosen to treat the newsletter as a product. Here is my formula: Share a simple and powerful promise Suggest a regular meeting Create a recurring content structure Bring maximum value Automate In September 2019, I launched a newsletter called “ Les p’tits hacks marketing ” aimed at French marketers and entrepreneurs.

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