Funnels Income The overall value I therefore suggest that you analyze these indicators in detail and how to interpret them. You will see that they will help you guide your digital marketing strategy , your offers and your advertising campaigns. Facebook Analytics (Part 3) – Make better business decisions with these 3 reports It would be impossible for me to tell you about all the features of Facebook Analytics in one single article. This is why I preferred to select the 3 reports that most reveal the “health” of your business on the web. On top of that, interpreting these reports will allow you to make consistent business decisions to improve your conversion rates. 1) The funnels Let’s start with the funnels.

What are the conversion rates? We also see that 58,000 people saw a product page, 11,000 of them added a product to the cart (conversion rate of 18.9%) and 2,690 ended up buying (conversion rate of 4.62%). All with a Australian Email Address median completion time of 5.9 days! This therefore means that I must take the time to analyze my campaigns over a period of 6 to 7 days at least before making any optimizations. The real point of this analysis is to look for ways to improve these conversion rates from one stage of the funnel to another.

Australian Email Address
Australian Email Address

Can you make an exclusive offer?

More than 1/3 of purchases come from existing customers. In this case, the company that I support has a very loyal clientele! Facebook also provides 3 other metrics that I find relevant: Average income per paying user over this period: $ 141.61 (to be converted into euros) Average income per product purchase: $ 94.11 (to be converted into euros) The average number of purchases per user: 1.5 (10.1K ÷ 6.7K) The advantage of this graph, over a sufficiently long period (at least 90 days), is that you can see the evolution of income over time, the peaks in income (is this due to a specific marketing action ?) and compare this development with the previous period.

If you keep in mind that any customer averages over $ 90 over their lifetime, you may be able to afford to spend up to $ 25 on some targets, not $ 18. Of course, I’m not saying you have to start doubling your CPA goals. On the other hand, if you increase the budget for your campaigns, your acquisition costs may also increase. Since you know you can spend up to $ 25 to acquire a new customer, all of a sudden you can “afford” to pay more for a new customer in the scaling phase. This gives you an advantage over some of your competitors who will not be able to afford to pay so much to acquire a new customer.

Your offers and your advertising campaigns

For example, the group of clients from January 9 to 15 had an average value of € 40.77. 6 weeks later, their value was already 70.72 €, on average, per person. While this information is useful for adjusting your CPA goals, it is also useful for improving your retention strategy. What can you run as advertisements?And which products to highlight? Can you make an exclusive offer? I invite you to read my article on upsells and cross-sells . You will discover some interesting ways to increase the overall value of your customers . Conclusion I hope you enjoyed this article and that it made you realize the full potential of this free (and little-known) tool offered by Facebook.

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