In this case, it’s interesting to watch how many simultaneous viewers you have throughout your show. You notice that the peak of simultaneous spectators (47) took place in the 38th minute. From then on, the number of simultaneous spectators slowly decreased. If I see a similar curve on other live videos that I have released, that would mean that my videos are better off under 45 minutes. 5) Promote your Facebook Live in advance Almost all social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) allow you to make a live video. A common fear among livestreaming producers is undoubtedly being alone during Live! Nobody wants to. Imagine, you are doing a Live and no one is listening to you … Frankly, it’s a little scary.

So to never have this problem, I strongly invite you to promote your Live Facebook in advance. On Facebook, the best way to do it, in my opinion, is to create an event 3 or 4 days in advance. How? ‘Or’ What ? Click on the “Event” button in the Myanmar Email List publication tool of your Facebook Page. Fill in all the details: Add an engaging description that describes the topic of your live video Enter the exact date and time of the event Create an eye-catching image. End with a call to action! The important thing is that people click on “Participate” My call to action: ” I invite you already to put yourself as a” participant “or” interested “in the event so that I can notify you when the Live starts! ? ” People who have confirmed their participation will receive a notification as soon as the event starts.

Myanmar Email List
Myanmar Email List

Notify you when the Live starts ?

In addition, you will be able to share the live video yourself in the event discussion. Participants and interested persons should be notified. As soon as the event is ready, promote it everywhere several days before the event: Boost the publication of the event and target all the people who know you near or far (invest at least 10 € per day) Cross-promote in your Newsletter and other social profiles Knowing that barely 1/3 of the people registered for the event will participate, I advise you to promote your event until you have 100 participants or interested people. A word of advice : bring two devices (eg: phone + tablet). The second device will allow you to share the show in the discussion of the event or review your notes quickly if necessary.

Perform tests with the “Me only” feature of your profile As you might expect, I didn’t actually go Live for the sake of this article. In fact, I did a Facebook Live on my own… How? ‘Or’ What ? It’s simple, I went to my Facebook profile and activated the “Me only” setting so that my next post was only visible to me. I then launched a live video the same way I showed you. If this is your first time doing a Facebook Live, I advise you to do some tests in private mode . This will allow you to relax a bit before the big moment and test the quality of the video or sound. 7) Prepare before going live on Facebook Live video is much different from pre-recorded video.

The second device will allow

When you record a video, everything should be perfect : Lighting The sound The flow Transitions The script Etc. On this last point, for example, the audience is demanding. French mistakes, “uh” and blanks make your video less professional. Live, it’s not the same! You will make mistakes, you will not recite a script, and you will be interrupted in your tracks. However, should you not prepare anything before the Live? No, of course. At a minimum, you should have taken some notes on the subject and done your research. You should also think about an introduction and a conclusion for your Facebook Live. Finally, think about questions your participants might ask. If we take the subject I had imagined “7 mistakes not to make in Facebook advertising”, I should ideally write a mini-article on these 7 mistakes.

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