The “irresistible offer” advertisement I also found the name of this ad! The principle: make an offer that is impossible to refuse and… almost without risk. If you look at the image in this ad, it’s hard to believe that Dollar Shave Club is offering all of this for $ 5. Of course, for a subscription offer, it makes sense to make a better deal for the first month. Enough to convert those who still had doubts. “Testimonial” advertising I think you have now understood the principle of this advertisement: to make a reminder of the offer while breaking down the objections to the purchase. We have seen that the commercial arguments and the guarantees (free returns) work well. Why not a testimony? For someone wondering if this razor is the right one, it’s reassuring to know that one of the Dollar Shave Club members has had “their smoothest shave”.

So much for the creative part! Don’t think I forgot the technical part. For this advertisement, I advise you to invest barely 10% of your advertising budget and to choose the “catalog sales” objective. Facebook then offers you different targeting options based on actions taken on your website. Choose the option “Added to cart, but not purchased” and select a period of 15 days to Timor Leste Email List start. Generally, if people still haven’t bought 15 days after adding to the cart, it’s because they’re no longer interested. Do not neglect this campaign, it is one of the most profitable for an e-commerce site. And it makes sense. Step 5: Retain your customers Finally, if you have enough customers, know that you can (also) retarget them with ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Timor Leste Email List
Timor Leste Email List

The objections to the purchase

Do not neglect the loyalty campaign! According to a study conducted by Adobe on the US market, 41% of revenue generated in the US comes from repeat customers . Average revenue per visit for repeat customers (still in the US) is 497% higher than other customers! The applications are numerous: Presentation of the new collection to increase the frequency of purchases Upsells or cross-sells to increase the life value of your customers Special operations for customers (e.g .: promo codes for customers) to further increase the frequency of purchases Etc. Of course, loyalty campaigns don’t require a large marketing budget , barely 5-10% of your overall advertising budget. The goal is to stay in the minds of your customers, without clubbing them by showing them the same advertisement 3 times a day.

In Facebook, you can reach your customers by importing your customer file to create a personalized audience. All you need to do is import your customer file into Facebook and its tool will match your data (email addresses and phone numbers) to its users. Expect to find 40 to 60% of the people in your customer file on Facebook . How about taking a few examples of loyalty advertising to conclude this article? Airbnb can find people who have booked accommodation in the past on Facebook. The Target Style brand offers you sunscreen after having sold you a suitcase (cross-sell)! Arthur does special operations to pamper his clients. Arthur’s customers can take advantage of this exclusive offer before anyone else, which makes it all the more formidable.

A  study conducted by Adobe

Conclusion This strategy is all the more profitable when your product meets a need that is firmly rooted in the mind of your target customer (eg: nutrition, ready-to-wear, interior decoration, footwear, etc.). It works best when your audience is large enough to run continuous remarketing and loyalty campaigns. These will be the most profitable campaigns in your account that raise the average profitability of all your campaigns. For each campaign, you should have different and tailored messages. If possible, reuse ads that have accumulated social proof (reactions, comments, and shares) in your customer acquisition campaigns. Showing an ad with an eye-catching visual AND in addition to social proof can increase click-through rates on your ads.

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