This is an interesting hack for a number of reasons: 1 – it is dynamic content that allows us to offer value to our visitors while collecting contact data (a bit the same principle as white papers, but personalized) 2 – in addition to collecting contact data, we collect a lot of very useful data on the company doing the test. (Does she have a website? What kind of tools do they use? Etc.) 3 – it shows our relevance as digital tools consultants since the whole process was built only with tools (Typeform, Gmail, Google Sheets, Zapier) 4 – All the data allowed us to produce a study focused on the digitization of SMEs with several hundred participants. If you need a helping hand putting the same thing together, don’t hesitate! Jeremy Foucray – entrepreneur, specialist in digital tools and founder of Zetoolbox , consulting firm and technological partner in digitalization for SMEs.

He also gives courses and conferences on digital tools. Also find Jeremy on LinkedIn . Jeremy foucray Consultant specializing in digital tools | founder  Zetoolbox 12) Yann Leonardi “It is important to understand that a Marketing strategy must adapt to the Iceland Email Address specifics of your business, and not the other way around. Which means that you are constrained by the choice of your activity. ” In Growth Marketing, to help build a marketing strategy, we use the AARRR model For Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Income. It is a framework modeling the growth of a business, whatever it is. An e-commerce, B2B Saas, Youtuber or even a hairdresser … We then continue to use it permanently to increase the activity. NB The order of the steps is not fixed in this way.

Iceland Email Address
Iceland Email Address

The data allowed us to produce a study focused

This framework is therefore the tool that we already use, when developing a marketing strategy, to anticipate what the potential implications of each of our choices will be, and to make hypotheses on the optimization of income, the growth of the activity. That being said, it is important to understand that a Marketing strategy must adapt to the specifics of your business, and not the other way around. Which means that you are constrained by the choice of your activity. These specificities will give you indications to optimize the stages of the AARRR framework as well as possible, and to define the right marketing strategy according to the type of your business. Here are 2 examples of questions you should ask yourself about your market and your product. 1 – Are you in a blue ocean or a red ocean?

In other words, a market with already many solid players in place (red ocean), or a virgin market without competitors (blue ocean)? In terms of marketing strategy, this implies that if you are in a blue ocean, it is not necessarily good news, because if there is no one there, maybe for a good reason. On the other hand, if you are in a red ocean, you will have to propose something either divisive, or to target a specific niche not yet addressed. In both cases, it will be necessary to work in depth on the Branding to create adhesion with the audience. Why ? For the Activation, Retention and Recommendation steps. Without strong differentiators, you are doomed to bet everything on Acquisition, which the competition is already doing. 2 – Is your business Vitamin, Pain Killer or Candy type? A Pain Killer, as its name suggests, responds to hardship.

The specifics of your business

So it’s easier to sell in theory, since customers are already feeling the pain. On the other hand, the question will be how to make this commercial relationship last beyond the “one shot” in order to have Retention. Ex : moving startups change their target audience, and no longer target individuals who move only once, to address professionals who have regular logistical needs. A Vitamin is a product which improves life, but which is not an absolute necessity. Here, the best solution is to disguise your product as Pain Killer to make it feel painful. This can be done with copywriting at the Acquisition and especially Activation stages. Ex : Slack is the “email killer” which promised to put an end to incessant professional emails.

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