What lessons can we learn from this case?
Keyword cannibalization is pretty bad for the organic performance of a website. But it’s important to remember that you’ll only have a real problem to worry about when multiple pages target the same keyword, which is often the case on large business websites.

To identify cannibalization problems in the cases of medium and small companies, it is possible to start with a content audit. This is the first step for any changes and optimizations on a web page.

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A case study of a US real estate website
The client that made Keyword achieve these results was a large real estate website in the US. The types of queries they wanted to rank for were like:

Homes for sale in California;

Therefore, this way, property pages were created for every US state,


city, and neighborhood, resulting in thousands and even millions of extremely similar


and potentially ambiguous web pages, such as “properties for sale” and “houses for sale.” .

2 bedroom houses for sale in Florida;
Log cabins for sale in Boulder;
Colonial homes for sale in Orange Country.
After trying to diagnose the problems by crawling the site, the keyword team concluded that the company had created a “property type” for each word in their keyword research, which meant they had over 400 types. of properties, which included:

houses for sale in…;
properties for sale in…;
wooden cabins for sale in…;
log houses for sale in…;


As well as generating a significant amount of unnecessary URLs for search engines to crawl.

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As a result, the search list looked like this:

Homes for sale in California;
Sale of properties in California;
2 bedroom houses for sale in California;



Therefore, shortly thereafter, this information was uploaded to Keyword Insights and selected from their groupings and rankings. That is, the search results were analyzed and grouped into segments on the same page.

For example, if “California Homes for Sale” and “California Properties . The for Sale” appear in the same group, they should only have one page directed to them and not two as the customer used to.

Ranking and rating URLs were also and indicated that there were multiple categories of content showing that there was a lot of cannibalization between them. An example of this is the screenshot taken by the keyword team showing the first 30 property type pages.

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