In fact, I had used it successfully in the past, but found how to improve it. To give more context, on WPMarmite we are working on a course dedicated to the Elementor page builder. It’s a great tool and the demand for training is real. In summary, offering such a program is a great opportunity to better serve the WPMarmite community. However, designing a comprehensive training course on the subject is no easy task. There is a lot to explain, concepts to illustrate and good practices to pass on. We could have worked in a submarine for months and presented the training after we designed it, but we decided to do otherwise. We presented a detailed plan of the future training to newsletter subscribers and offered to pre-order it at a preferential rate (149 € instead of 499 €).

134 people followed us, which made it possible to start production smoothly and to obtain feedback on the design of the program. Where it gets interesting is that the program is so heavy that we have divided the training into 3 parts . Eventually, it will be possible to Ghana Email List obtain part 1, parts 1 and 2 and all 3 parts according to your needs. As I write these lines, we have just finalized the first part (89 videos spread over 8 modules for 8 hours of content). Instead of simply giving access to people who have pre-ordered and offering it for sale, we took the opportunity to add a new pre-order for 1 week (but this time at € 249 instead of € 499).

Ghana Email List
Ghana Email List

A comprehensive training course

When part 2 is available, we will start the operation again to give again the opportunity to acquire the entire program at a preferential rate (349 € instead of 499 €). Then we will start the production of part 3 and we will officially launch the training. In the end, this strategy allows you not to work “in your cave”, to keep motivation, to validate the request regularly, to obtain feedback from students and of course, to generate turnover to finance production.. In short, what a positive thing! We intend to do this for all our future major programs. Alex Borto created the WPMarmite blog in 2011 to help his readers create, customize and promote sites with WordPress. Today, it is visited by more than 4000 people per day and its newsletter has nearly 40k subscribers.

He also co-founded WPChef , an e-learning training organization to learn the fundamentals of WordPress. Also find Alex on LinkedIn . Alex Bortolotti Founder WPMarmite 4) Alexis Minchella “The podcast allowed me to meet freelancers and talented content creators. These are all connections and contacts for the rest of my projects. ” Without question, the podcast! I dedicated a large part of my year 2019 to working on my Tribu Indé podcast . It was born in March 2019, at the rate of one episode per week. With Tribu Indé, I go to meet other freelancers and creators to dissect their strategy and their organization. This podcast therefore did not address my freelance target (B2B startups) . And yet, it’s a great way to share my ideas (and those of my guests), while gaining credibility.

We intend to do this for all our future

I have been present every week for a year: pledge of confidence in my ability to produce content over the long term. The community grows every week with a lot of feedback from listeners : the quality is therefore still there (signal sent to potential customers). The podcast allowed me to meet freelancers and talented content creators. These are all connections and contacts for the rest of my projects. I ask them all the questions I want while chatting for over an hour with them. And I realize that it’s increasingly rare to have deep discussions with someone you don’t know. Beyond my marketing strategy, the podcast gives me confidence and helps me clarify my ideas. Orally, the exchanges (and the ideas that go with it) are much more direct.

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