You will finally become a producer! Congratulation. You are live! As you can see, you can edit the filters again, select your phone’s rear camera, and moderate the comments. At first, you will feel a bit lonely, but I will explain later how to animate your Live from the start. For now, let’s stick to the technique. As soon as you’ve finished your Facebook Live (and said goodbye to your listeners), click the “Finish” button. Facebook will end your live video… but that’s not all! Step 6: Publish your Facebook Live After pressing the “Finish” button, Facebook asks you if you want to: Save the video and keep it in the memory of your mobile Keep your Facebook Live and publish it Delete video. Then, you will find the video of your Live among your publications.

Anyone who couldn’t see you live will be able to watch it at any time. You can also use your video to reach a larger audience (I’ll show you how to do this later in this article). Step 7: Modify the description if necessary (post-Live) Did you make a Malta Email List spelling mistake in the description of your Live Facebook? Would you like to add a link to your site or a page that is important to you? It is of course possible! You can edit the post at any time and change the description of your new video. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending.

Malta Email List
Malta Email List

How to make a Facebook Live with your computer?

The second method to do a Facebook Live is through your desktop computer. Be careful, I advise you to have few tabs open in your browser at the risk of hearing the computer heat up during the entire program if it is not sufficiently equipped with RAM. Also, the webcams of laptops (even those of MacBooks) are now of lower quality than the cameras of our smartphones. I therefore advise you to buy an external HD quality webcam if you want to regularly do Facebook Lives on a computer. Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page It is the same principle as for a Facebook Live via mobile. Click on the “Live” button above the bar to write a classic post. Small precision, you will not go live immediately by pressing this button. Step 2: Allow Facebook to use your microphone and camera Again.

Facebook will ask you for permission to use your computer’s camera and microphone. Step 3: Prepare your Live and tap “Live Stream” to begin ! If you manage several Pages, be sure to select the right Page. Then you can specify a description and a title for your Facebook Live. You can also click on “Share screen” to share your screen, but if you do, you will not be able to change the view during the live, which is a shame (therefore no one will see you). Step 4: Stop live streaming Did you say goodbye to the participants? Now click on the red “Stop Live Video” button at the bottom right of your screen. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your video or delete it forever (I don’t recommend it).

The entire program if it is not sufficiently equipped

That is just about everything … Switching to Facebook Live through Facebook’s desktop tools is, in my opinion, a bad idea. There are other external tools and solutions that give you a lot more possibilities. This is not the subject of this article, but I will still introduce you to one or 2 tools that I used to make Facebook Lives at the end of this article. 15 best practices to maximize the success of your Facebook Live It’s very easy to start a live show on Facebook. Getting it right is another story. That’s why I’ve also prepared 15 tips and tricks for you to have a successful Facebook Lives, even if it’s your first live show! It will take practice of course, but it is by forging that you become a blacksmith.

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