On Instagram, we most often use captions to give context to the photo we post where this photo was taken, why your audience should be interested, etc.. Here is a very good example. In this photo, we have the impression that the person is passing the stairs quickly. And the caption of the photo begins with In the middle of a race against the clock? The caption is totally aligned with what we see in the photo, which makes it all the more impactful. Of course, the brand takes the opportunity to promote its drink. There’s nothing stopping you from showing photos that have nothing to do with what you’re doing and contextualizing their use with a short caption. In its serious and professional style, Hubspot posted a photo of buttons to convey a message about diversity and ethnicity within companies.

Consider adding a call to action in the form of a question or an action verb if you want to drive traffic or sales to your website. On Instagram, the majority of calls to action come in this form Ask a question Suggest to tag a friend in the Lebanon WhatsApp Number List comments Request a share in Stories Click on the link in the bio or tap once on the photo to buy the product Double click on the photo to leave a like In most cases, keep captions short a few lines maximum. The only exception I would say is when you have a story to tell about something that has happened to you An accomplishment A failure Something strong you’ve been through A big change In this case, do not deprive yourself of making a longer text.

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If you do, don’t be mysterious . Get straight to the point with the first words to encourage the person reading them to click more to read the full caption of your post. To give you an example, I took the post that received the most interactions on my Instagram account . In this post, I took the liberty of presenting my new coworking space and explaining why I made this choice to no longer work from home. To date, the post has received over 100 comments in response to my question! As you can see, the caption is long, but separated into short paragraphs with line breaks for easier reading. If you want a tip for spacing paragraphs, press the return key on your mobile keyboard one or more times to leave white space.

Careful, a space is automatically added at the end of a sentence if it does not end with an emoji. You must manually remove it for each paragraph by pressing the backspace key this time, otherwise Instagram will not take the line break into account! Write posts on LinkedIn Since its takeover by Microsoft, it looks like LinkedIn is getting more and more popular. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is a more serious network since it is made up mostly of professionals. I don’t know if this statistic is correct, but it seems that 1 in 3 professionals are on LinkedIn ! Today, hundreds of people find jobs every day with a simple LinkedIn post. Others build a strong personal brand by posting videos, infographics, or just such posts.

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I love posting content on LinkedIn. Engagement on posts is more important than on Facebook and more authentic than on Instagram, but you have to know how to do it. You have to understand the dynamic in which users are when they go to LinkedIn. That’s why before explaining how to write on LinkedIn, I first want to briefly remind you of the context of the platform . Unlike Facebook, we don’t go to LinkedIn to make friends. We go there to build our network. We also don’t go there to look at cat photos and even less to post more personal photos like the ones from your last night. On LinkedIn, we give our opinion as on Facebook and Instagram, but we give it on subjects that still revolve around our professional life.

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