The problem is that if you go through this form and your call request remains open it can happen, Facebook Advertiser Help will not be able to do anything for you. When I noticed that my call request was taking too long to be processed, I tried to contact Facebook advertiser help support several times through their Messenger chat, available here . Each representative I spoke to replied the same thing We can’t do anything until your request has been dealt with by the other teams. The person I spoke to kindly explained to me that call requests for disabled ad accounts are handled faster through chat . I was able to experience it, this method is faster and less frustrating than the first.

You should see a form like this. Fill it out and click on the Start Conversation button. A conversation will then be initiated with a support agent to help Facebook advertisers. The person who assists you will make a Latvia Phone Number List call request for you. You will then receive an email response, positive or negative, from the person who assisted you. What if you receive a negative response? The outcome has been positive for me and it will also be for you if you have nothing to reproach yourself with. In exceptional cases, Facebook may refuse your call requests one or more times and your advertising account may remain blocked. What should you do in this scenario? From what I have read, by being persistent and continuing to appeal, it is not uncommon for Facebook to end up reversing its decision even if it is described as final.


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Facebook then suggests that you appeal their decision and explain it to you. This is the method I followed, in haste, the day my ad account was deactivated. I really regretted it I’ll explain why. So I appealed for the deactivation of my advertising account and I left this first message on April 10. Facebook then opens a case in Facebook’s help desk, available here . Here is an example The next day, I still had not received a response and while doing my research, I read on several forums that it can take several days, even several weeks, to get a response Who does not try anything has nothing, I returned a similar message through the contact form located below my call request. On April 12, I still have not received a response.

I desperately leave a third post more structured and following these recommendations I found on a discussion board to the letter Apologize Stay polite Explain that I understand Facebook’s concern to offer the best experience to its users Explain very clearly why I think my advertising follows the rules Take responsibility for my actions Providing evidence Request reactivation Miracle, the next day April 13, my advertising account is reactivated ! I’ll never know if it was this last message that changed the game . And that is the problem. So what’s the problem with this method? I told you that this is not the best solution and that I even regretted it. As you have seen, my request took several days to process and I had to resend multiple messages without even knowing if my messages were human read.

What Is The Reason That My Ad Account Has Been Deactivated?

In addition, my advertising account was deactivated a second time when I wanted to republish my campaign. This time, I don’t have the same error! I went directly to the Messenger chat to make a call and my advertising account was reactivated faster. Solution 2 Go through the Messenger chat Facebook Advertiser Support If you want to avoid headaches, I strongly advise you to go through the Facebook advertiser help support. The request will normally be processed more quickly and above all, you will be able to explain yourself to a real person who will take the time to listen to you and give you recommendations. This is what I did too. To contact Advertiser Help Support, go directly to this link.

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