If the influencer publicly displays his email address on one of these social accounts, it is preferable to reach him directly at this email address since he offers it. It shows that you have done your research and that you are a serious person. On the other hand, it is also possible that the influencer does not mention any email address on these different social accounts. In this case, I recommend that you contact him by private messaging on the social network on which the influencer is most active. I also find it much more difficult to ignore a private message than an email. On top of that, you can see whether the influencer saw your post or not. If he saw it and didn’t answer you, then he’s not interested.

You can afford to raise, but avoid vague reminders or leaving a message almost identical to the one you have already sent. Change your angle of approach or your proposal. And above all, do not make the mistake of leaving comments on the Cyprus Email Addresses influencer posts to suggest a collaboration or inform them that you have contacted them by private message. It is not appreciated at all and it is even very intrusive! Now let’s move on to the different approaches to contact an influencer (finally!). 1) The direct approach The first approach is the one we are all familiar with because it is the most widespread. It is the direct approach in which you directly propose any partnership or at least plan a discovery call to exchange with the influencer, even if you do not know each other.

Cyprus Email Addresses
Cyprus Email Addresses

A private message than an email

The response rates for such emails are low (I don’t know the exact percentage, but I estimate the response rate to be less than 20%). This type of email always has the same structure: An object that captures attention and arouses interest The first few lines of the email create a personal connection (showing that you appreciate their work) A clear benefit (what the influencer will get from your partnership must be clear) A clear call to action (The answer must be simple for the influencer: yes or no) If I take the fitness influencer, Roxanebust, that I introduced to you, I could send an email like this to suggest an “ambassador” or “product placement” type partnership. The email is short, direct and personalized! I took a few minutes to write this email.

It’s not just a copy and paste of an email I read elsewhere. However, I followed the formula I described to you to the letter. The subject of the email is meaningful. I propose a partnership between my brand and the influencer. Any influencer will be curious enough to open this email and at least find out what’s in it. The first lines of the email introduce my company (it’s not visible in this email, but obviously you should spell out what you’re doing in a few words). I then make a personal connection by talking about how much I enjoy his work. I could also have quoted a post or anything else that I liked about the influencer. The second part of the email is dedicated to introducing my partnership proposal and what the influencer will gain from it (Remember, an influencer is not necessarily looking for financial compensation …

The mistake of leaving comments

Find out what really interests them!) . If the partnership can be long term, mention it. It is always appreciated. And if you can also offer a sample of what you are offering (eg: a product, free access to software, etc.), even better! You notice that I didn’t give a lot of details on the ins and outs of the partnership since I just want to get a response from the influencer. And finally, the last part of this email is precisely dedicated to the call to action : “Could this interest you? ” “Are you available to talk about it on the phone?” ” “Do you accept new collaborations? ” Word your call to action however you want, but whatever form it takes, the influencer should be able to respond with a “yes” or a “no”.

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