On LinkedIn, the ideal length for a post is 149 characters, which is a few more characters. Of course, you have to take these numbers with a grain of salt. Still, they show that short posts are the norm on social media. Moreover, I am a little in a bad place to tell you all this because I am doing just the opposite. Most of my posts contain a lot of text, but that’s also because I’ve got my audience used to reading long and educational texts! I also write short and punchy texts, especially when I have one specific goal in mind to get clicks on the post. As you can see, I highlighted a common problem that of not having results with Facebook advertising . And I gave the potential cause one of 6 errors described in this article .

This is already being felt a lot on their website… and even more so on social networks. Almost every day, a cookie like this pops up in my news feed along with a funny caption. This is the style of the brand, so why not reflect it on the Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List texts of their posts? In itself, it is very simple. Adopt a communication that looks like you on social networks . Some will like it, some won’t. This is how it is, you are not going to change the personality of your brand to please everyone! 4 Use the AIDA formula The AIDA Method is a copywriting formula that has spanned the ages and that all modern copywriters are very familiar with as well. If you don’t know her, let me introduce her to you. AIDA is an acronym for A for Attention capture the person’s attention obvious, I know!.

What Story Could You Tell

Above all, don’t feel like you have to keep it serious like you do on your website’s home page. Do not hesitate to write as you speak, avoiding corporate jargon . Take this LinkedIn post. He remains professional, but at the same time relaxed. For example, a description like this is clearly less engaging Today, the MKKM team was present at the Digital First trade fair. It is a great pride for us and the mission of our company. Are you available to join us? I’m exaggerating a bit, but this is just to show you the kinds of mistakes to avoid. Now take a look at the caption for this photo on Instagram. It remains serious, but not too much. They didn’t say we had a good rest too serious, but rather we recharged the batteries well because that’s how we express ourselves in everyday life.

You also notice that the text contains some emojis to make the description, once again, more engaging! We will talk about this further and I will tell you whether or not you should use emojis in your posts. 2 Write short texts when possible Our attention span has gone from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in just a few years that of a goldfish is 9 seconds. It is a fact. We are increasingly solicited by advertising messages and notifications from our smartphones. You should take this into account when writing a post. After analyzing over 6 million social media posts , CoSchedule released an infographic that shows the ideal length for a social media post. On Facebook, she’s barely 111 characters.

A Reaction From Viewers?

On Instagram, I really like the MVMT brand posts . The captions of their photos rarely exceed 2 lines of text and yet the commitment is always there. Here, they were content to comment on Go for gold, a legend which perfectly describes the 2 gold watches presented. 3 Show your personality Do you have an endearing personality? Or should I say, does your brand have a strong, fun, friendly or warm personality? Whatever your personality, show it off loud and clear on social media. This is the perfect place to do it. The first example that came to my mind was Shanty Biscuits . Shanty Biscuits offers a unique concept, the sale of personalized cookies . In other words, you can order cookies and write whatever you want on them. It’s pretty cool for birthday gifts, weddings, gifts for clients … I’m not drawing you a picture, the Shanty Biscuits brand has personality.

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