However, Samsung already offered a smartphone without a home button. When describing the new iPhone X and XS screen, Apple isn’t telling you that they just removed the Home button and made the screen bigger yet they did. No, they still use analogies to describe these changes An endless screen. The device merges with the screen. An iPhone that is just a screen. Analogies are a great way to simplify the message. They make it possible to make concrete and accessible what seems obvious to you as an expert, but difficult as a novice. Finally, it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Apple uses it a lot to show what you can do with its products, both with the photos and the little annotations you see in this screenshot.

My little finger tells me that people who are ready to invest € 1000 in an iPad probably want to detach themselves from their computer . Last but not least , Apple takes special care to address YOU by including you as much as possible in the descriptions of its products we have already talked about this with the little stories Apple tells you. Bottom Line Be like Apple. Get to Oman Phone Number List know your ideal client. Then talk to him about what he really wants and do it using the language he uses every day. 6 Create an expectation before a product is released Every year, it’s the same thing. Everyone is re talking about the new iPhones, which are still scheduled for release in early September for 11 years now.


The exclusivity sells

Online training and I suggest to all those who follow me on social networks or have subscribed to my Newsletter to join the waiting list to benefit from an introductory price when the product is released, if they are interested. More info in this article It’s a simple and effective way to build anticipation and interest around a new product or service. Takeaway The exclusivity sells. Secrecy and anticipation create the buzz. Don’t just launch a new product service overnight. No one will understand. Rather, build a real expectation around it. Talk about it to tell your customers, fans and newsletter subscribers. This is how you will be able to sell a new product service quickly. 7 Invest in product placement Five or six years ago, I wish I had a MacBook Air.

Each sales page iPhone, Mac, iPad defends and expresses Apple’s vision, but also, and most importantly, how its products can actually improve our lives. To show it and really be convincing, Apple’s copywriters create universes and put the consumer at the center of their universes.Speak the language of your customers Apple knows its customers very well. Apple customers are people who are hip, connected and hungry for new things. The last point is important. Apple customers want to have new technologies to use them for their lives. Be careful, Apple customers are far from being computer scientists. In fact, they are not familiar with technical computer jargon. Remember the Apple advertisement, Get a Mac, that I showed you above? Look again at these 2 Gentlemen. The man on the right in the image is Apple’s buyer persona .

This is exactly how Apple imagines it

He is holding his hands in his pockets, he lets out jokes, he is dressed casual and he is not stupid at all! It’s just that he doesn’t take himself seriously. He is different . So how does Apple talk to this person? It’s very simple.Apple tells her what she wants to hear and then she speaks in the words that person is used to using. Let’s see how Apple does it on its website. If you pay attention to the words used on Apple’s site, you will instantly notice that they are extremely well chosen. They are never complex or ambiguous. On its site, we notice that Apple uses strong words all the time to describe its new products The best battery life ever on an iPhone.

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