Register for a service with a discount code Try SaaS software for free think Spotify, for example Take the example of startups or SaaS companies. These businesses constantly need to acquire new users in order to grow, so they create landing pages like this and send traffic to them. Airbnb also uses landing pages to bring in new guests . I will give you many other examples in this article. Now that you understand what a landing page is and what it is for, let’s take a quick look at the 4 stages of the landing page conversion process. The 4 stages of the conversion process with landing pages First, what is the conversion process?

Once the contact information is collected, the average visitor becomes a prospect or lead. In web marketing jargon, we consider that there is a conversion when the person fills out a form and gives their contact information. Since the Venezuela Phone Number List sole purpose of a landing page is to collect your contact information , it will contain a form or a call-to-action button leading to a form along with a description of what you will get in exchange for your data. There are many ways to use landing pages to collect contact information Offer a free ebook or guide to download Offer to register for a webinar online conference Download an application.

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It is on this page that a visitor lands after clicking on an advertisement, a call-to-action button or the like. I also share with you a schematic representation of a landing page, as we often see. Source Unbounce Note that landing pages are also called landing pages, capture pages or even squeeze pages. It should be understood that a landing page has only one objective , as Unbounce explains. On this page, a visitor has two choices Take action Exit the page What action will you tell me? Fill out a form ! Does this sound familiar to you? This is perfectly normal. For years, digital marketers have used landing pages to generate inbound leads people who provide their contact information, called lead generation.

We will see together what a landing page is and what it is not, a step by step process to create your first landing page and finally the tools that I recommend to you to create your landing pages even if you are not a developer. I will also give you 8 concrete tips to definitely increase the conversion rates of your landing pages. Ready ? Let’s go! What is a landing page? To make sure I’m giving you a correct definition of a landing page, I went to the Unbounce blog , one of the best-known landing page tools on the market. Here is their clear and precise definition In digital marketing, a landing page is a separate web page, created specifically for the needs of a marketing or advertising campaign.

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Do you want to know them too? Do you want me to show you how you can create a landing page that will allow you to Capture daily contact information whatever your offering? Drastically increase the number of subscriptions to your Newsletter ? Promote your white papers or free training as if they were paid products? A landing page will help you do all of that. I would be tempted to tell you that, whatever your activity , you should at least have a landing page that presents one of your offers or your activity in general. This is all very well, but what is a landing page? I talk about it in detail in this comprehensive guide!

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