Registration was free, but compulsory, to attend talks and reruns. We were also able to keep an eye on registrations via tracking, and adapt our different acquisition levers to attract as many people as possible on the day. Results ? More than 3,500 participants (and therefore potential leads), PR spinoffs and great feedback from participants, in addition to the high visibility of the event and of our brand with a strategic target for us. We are even thinking of renewing the event this year! You can access the replays on the event website . Marin is Country Manager France at Agorapulse , a French social media management tool to manage your conversations and your publications from a single platform.

Anna leads SEMrush’s marketing strategy in France with her dream team ! Also find Anna on LinkedIn . Anna kochegura Senior Marketing and Communications Expert SEMrush 8) Pierre Guilbaud “The objective with this newsletter was to Indian Email List bring value to the ecosystem, prove my expertise and increase my visibility to develop my activity as a consultant in Growth Marketing. ” I have chosen to treat the newsletter as a product. Here is my formula: Share a simple and powerful promise Suggest a regular meeting Create a recurring content structure Bring maximum value Automate In September 2019, I launched a newsletter called “ Les p’tits hacks marketing ” aimed at French marketers and entrepreneurs.

Indian Email List
Indian Email List

The high visibility of the event

Create content with high added value: Summer 2019, we were thinking of organizing a physical event dedicated to our target and our community: community and social media managers. But, the entry ticket was prohibitive and we wanted to test the interest in this kind of theme first. We therefore decided to set up a virtual event , bringing together 18 speakers from all sides: influencers, social media agencies, bloggers, or acquisition experts. There is only one rule: each intervention must have real added value for the public , and provide concrete examples and strategies that can be activated . The format ? Pre-recorded video webinars each broadcast at a specific time slot over 2 days, in early December. Convenient to avoid the vagaries of the live and keep control of the quality of productions while keeping the event side with a program to follow over 2 days.

E-Commerce Nation is the 1st e-commerce web media in Europe with 5 sites (France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany). The ECN platform also offers online training dedicated to e-commerce through the E-Commerce Nation Academy site . Nicolas Chevalier CEO. E-Commerce Nation & Mentor E-Commerce Nation Academy 11) Jeremy Foucray “All the data from this Typeform questionnaire enabled us to produce a targeted study on the digitization of SMEs with several hundred participants . ” Last year, to generate leads via our website, we created a digital maturity test for our clients. This test – which is in fact a Typeform questionnaire – made it possible to know your digital maturity score and to obtain tool recommendations based on it.

We were thinking of organizing a physical

So it’s easier to sell in theory, since customers are already feeling the pain. On the other hand, the question will be how to make this commercial relationship last beyond the “one shot” in order to have Retention. Ex : moving startups change their target audience, and no longer target individuals who move only once, to address professionals who have regular logistical needs. A Vitamin is a product which improves life, but which is not an absolute necessity. Here, the best solution is to disguise your product as Pain Killer to make it feel painful. This can be done with copywriting at the Acquisition and especially Activation stages. Ex : Slack is the “email killer” which promised to put an end to incessant professional emails.

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