Before I tell you about it, let me ask you a question . Say you are writing an article about the 7 Best Job Listing Sites. This article is a hit and quickly finds itself in the first results of the 1st page of Google, like this article on my blog. Every year you keep updating this article Add new sites Eliminate sites that are obsolete Update links Update multimedia content images, videos, etc. Will this article stay positioned in the first results of the 1st page of Google? Very probably ! Of course, competitors will try to do the same as you, but over time your article will get more backlinks than your competitor’s articles. In other words, it will be very difficult to dislodge yourself from the top spots in Google.

Apple’s advertising campaigns are also simple to understand. One of my favorites is the Get a Mac campaign which features 2 men, one a Mac and the other a PC. This campaign lasted several years and was broadcast in several countries. It always takes place the same way 2 men who always present themselves in the same way Hello, I am a Mac… and I am PC A decor on a Italy Phone Number List white background A discussion between the 2 men Depending on the spot, the advantages of the Mac are highlighted simplicity, easy to install and start up, no viruses and the faults of PCs are highlighted, or even ridiculed viruses, slowness, updates. continual and problematic days, etc..


That remind you of something?

You still remember very well those little devices that let you listen to music wherever you go, in any situation, without having to carry a big MP3 player with CD. It was not practical… but it had also been used for years as well. The problem is that consumers did not yet realize how much their life would change when they decided to swap their MP3 player for an iPod. How do you think Apple decided to focus its marketing message? Around the technical characteristic of the iPod storage of songs or what can be done with it? You guess it ! Apple has bet on the message to the right of the image, that of being able to carry 1000 songs in your pocket. This is the real added value of the iPod, not its 1GB storage capacity.

The example of Simon Sinek is quite telling. Car salespeople always start their sales pitch by telling us what they’re selling, nice cars with great gas mileage. Does that remind you of something? They then explain the how. This is where they will rely on the differentiating elements of their car In addition, we have an integrated GPS and Bluetooth! . And their Why goes like this Buy our cars to make a good first impression and protect your family. Leaders communicate their message from the center of the Golden Circle. They start with the Why and end with the What. If Apple were like all businesses and other sellers, their marketing message would look like this We make great computers.

Why goes like this Buy our cars

We then rationalize our words by communicating what we are doing. In doing so, we are addressing the neocortex, the part of our brain that deals with information processing reasoning and understanding. It is the one we use to justify our purchasing decisions. When you sell the Why ie. your raison d’être, you sell your brand and not your product. Consumers seduced by your message Why are then likely to buy several and not just one, which makes them more loyal. You now understand why we usually buy several Apple products Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. and not just one. Key takeaway Do like Apple, sell the Why. Start by selling why you do what you do, then explain how you do it and what makes you different from others, and finish by describing what you do. 4 tell stories Apple loves you to tell stories.

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